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revo sunglasses
Revo sunglasses

Revo sunglasses for sailors

Revo sunglasses for sailors – BLUE WATER LENS

Revo sunglasses

Revo sunglasses

Perfect for cutting glare in bright conditions on the water. Provides maximum glare protection and visible clarity with the classic heritage of our blue mirror coating.

Contrast-enhancing filters amplify the sweet spot of the visible light spectrum.

Our Blue Water lens produces a soothing tint while spectral sensitive filters highlight the critical green, red and yellow portions of the spectrum without altering natural colors.


Block 100%   UVA ,  UVB &UVC light,  Absorbs 98%  Visiblelight,  Polarized 99% Light Efficiency,  Protection 94% Blue light & HV light


THE ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE LENS – Since its founding in 1985, Revo has been defined by its ground Revo sunglasses  the Revo Light Management

Revo sunglasses

Revo sunglasses

System™, that gave the world sunglasses with the clearest and most advanced high-contrast polarized

Revo sunglasses

Revo sunglasses

sunglasses available. Today, we continue to build on a rich tradition of technology and innovation. Originally developed with NASA technology, Revo mirror coatings provide high-contrast viewing in ALL of our lenses – enriching the world we live in and producing a stunning visual performance for athletes, outdoor adventurists and everyday lifestyle wear.

REVO Polarized Lenses

All Revo sunglasses are polarized and provide 99% Polarization efficiency while blocking and managing UV and HEV light, delivering a superior visual experience and glare protection.

Polarized sunglasses eliminate glare and haze so your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better.

Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, reducing glare.

Benefits – This blocking of the harshest reflected light allows a crisper field of view without the painful brightness that makes you squint and causes your eyes to water.

Revo sunglasses

This is critical for sports and activities that are conducted in and on reflective surfaces including sailing, boating, fishing, snow sports and driving.

High Contrast Polarization™: THE Definitive Visual Experience

Experience polarization like never before with sharp color contrast and crystal clear vision.

Revo High Contrast Polarized lenses provide outstanding visual acuity for a variety of performance applications and outdoor lighting conditions where sunlight can be harsh and reflection can distort vision. Revo HCP lenses selectively filter the color bands of the spectrum where the human eye is most sensitive to light and color, allowing all the ‘right light’ to come through while blocking and eliminating harmful or ‘bad light‘.

Revo HCP lenses deliver vivid, clear, sharp-contrast images and superior vision resulting in THE Definitive Visual Experience. See the world that you’ve been missing.Revo sunglasses


Revo sunglaRevo sunglassessses with LMS™ technology selectively manage blue light to provide clear sharp vision in all conditions and maximum protection for your eyes and against potentially harmful UV and HEV rays.

Revo sunglasses absorb UV RAYS and HEV RAYS


Exposure to UVA can hurt your central vision. It can damage the macula, a part of the retina at the back of your eye.


The front part of your eye (the cornea and the lens) absorbs most UV-B rays, but these rays may cause even more damage to your eyes than UV-A rays.


These rays are mostly absorbed by the atmosphere, but without protection, can cause eye damage.


High-energy visible light is high-frequency light that is indicated as a cause of age-related macular degeneration.

Revo sunglasses

A great sunglass needs to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays but also deliver a great visual experience so you can enjoy the outdoors.

All Revo sunglasses provide superior clarity with optically-correct lens performance; whether it is through Revo Serilium™ or Revo Crystal™ lenses, the world has never looked better or clearer.

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