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RHKYC Jeanneau Class Regatta, 7-8 March 2015

Jeann2eau returns as the title sponsor of the annual Class Regatta organized by Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club at their Shelter Cove base in Sai Kung on 7 and 8 March 2015.

The one-design classes of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club relocate from their usual urban territory of Victoria Harbour to the Jeanneau180RHKYC Jeanneau Class Regatta, 7-8 March 2015wilds of Port Shelter for the occasion. Around 50 boats will race against each other on RHKATI handicaps, with Etchells, J/80 and Sportsboat fleets competing for the Long Course title, and Dragon, Flying Fifteen, Impala, Pandora and Ruffian classes racing for Short Course honours.

Torrey Dorsey, Corporate and International Partnerships Manager at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club said, ‘We are honoured to again announce Jeanneau as the title sponsor of our Class Regatta for the fourth consecutive year! China Pacific Marine, Exclusive Distributor for Jeanneau in Hong Kong, have forged a strong relationship with the Club and we hope to continue this partnership for many more years to come!

RHKYC Jeanneau Class Regatta, 7-8 March 2015

RHKYC Class Regatta 2014 © RHKYC/Guy Nowell

Jeanneau Class Regatta

7 and 8 March 2015

The winter regatta for one-design classes, including Dragon, Etchells, Flying Fifteen, Impala, J/80, Pandora, Ruffian and Sportsboat, racing against each other in long and short course fleets.

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Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

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2014 Results

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Provisional Entry List by Class

Name of Owner / Skipper Boat name Sail No. Class
LU Chung Chun Donna D54 Dragon
Harald Berge Eaux Vives D12 Dragon
Karl J Grebstad Fei Chi D51 Dragon
john Leigh Johan D33 Dragon
Simon Chan Kamloong D8 Dragon
Frederic Roumier Maiden Hong Kong D40 Dragon
Van Olphen Nattigheid D31 Dragon
Andreas Brechbuhl Wyuna D25 Dragon
Thomas Cheung Are We There Yet 1358 Etchells
Raymond Wu DATA 606 Etchells
Greg Farrell Dreamon 1269 Etchells
Michael Haehnel Fuzzy Duck 1180 Etchells
Fleming / Nieto / Wood Incoming 1047 Etchells
Anthony Day Jezebel 1333 Etchells
Frank van Kempen NN 1364 Etchells
willem walt van Meijer The Answer is 938 Etchells
Koichi Yamamoto NoName 3882 Flying Fifteen
Francis Cheung/Bob Yu Boss Hogg 1066 Impala
Rex Tan Caviar 716 Impala
Frank Tsui GNU 262 Impala
Philip Bowring Moll 1045 Impala
Herman Wong Paddy B 2233 Impala
W Tam Rainbow Chaser 731 Impala
Raymond Wu Shikari 244 Impala
Dennis Chien Taxi 1047 Impala
Sunny Leung BumpHead 2261 J/80
Henry Wong Footloose 2252 J/80
Anthony Poon invictus 2236 J/80
Lewis Cerne Javelin 1529 J/80
Jonny Hodgson J Chi 2235 J/80
Ben Chong JeNa PaBe 2253 J/80
James Lidbury Joss 2237 J/80
Paul Lam Lila 2239 J/80
Richard johnston Unknown Pleasures 2263 J/80
Paul McMaster Dazibao 2169 Sportsboat
sam chan It’s My Pleasure 69 Sportsboat
steve bourne Merlin 064 Sportsboat
Sam Levine Phoenix 9 Sportsboat
Dion Houghton R2B2 26 Sportsboat
Jens-Erik Olsen Red herring II 025 Sportsboat
Julie Mackenzie Ricochet 1301 Sportsboat
Gareth Williams Sidewinder 2068 Sportsboat
Jim Daly Stingray 1216 Sportsboat
Dan Tullberg  / Joey Liao Tuco 2197 Sportsboat
Johan / Bryan / Sheridan San Long 2217 Sportsboat

online entry form for this open event are available at rhkyc.org.hk

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