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2015 RORC Transatlantic Race - Jedi Master on board Phaedo3
Phaedo3Rachel Jaspersen

RORC Transatlantic Race 2015

The pirates on Phaedo3 are still being relentlessly pursued by the British Navy…We are just out of cannon shot, but any slip up in our sail handling and we will be seeing the might of our blue pursuers…They are surely pushing as hard to catch us, as we are to stay ahead of them. Every schedule is showing 28, 29 or 30 knots of speed. We are not holding back at all. Carving our way through the waves like a skier through a mogul field.

Following the liquid terrain to harmonize boat speed. Heel angle and apparent wind angle, to keep out speed constant through the ever-changing waterscape in front of our three bows…Trying not to fly the main hull or stuff the bows. And generally doing the former will precipitate the latter….

Everyone is driving fantastically, and Henry has taken on the mantle of a young Padawan, learning to be a Jedi of downwind sailing. I have to be the Jedi master, in a Musto cassock… It’s the ideal training ground for a young Padwan – 2000 miles of downwind blasting… We are over half way now from the Cape Verdes to the Caribbean, less than 1000 to the finish…Pedro even popped open a drinking bottle of “Berocca” water to celebrate.. You had to be there to appreciate the magic…. after that he gave his teeth a good brushing.

2015 RORC Transatlantic Race - Jedi Master on board Phaedo3

Phaedo3Rachel Jaspersen

Last night, despite saving several flying fish from the net, one came hurtling at me from the bow, closing speed about 40 knots and got me full on the Adams Apple… lucky it was a small one.. Still…. put him back in the sea – a learner flyer clearly, just an accident…

Anyway, time for a nap and another good shaking in the bunk.

That’s all from the good ship Phaedo3.

by Rachel Jaspersen

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