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The Round Martinique Regatta 2019 - photo © Robert Charlotte
The Round Martinique Regatta 2019 - photo © Robert Charlotte

Round Martinique Regatta

The unanimously expressed wish of the organizers and the partners to revive the Round Martinique Regatta Crédit Mutuel AG, known for being a fun and competitive event, which was cancelled last year, was fully and spectacularly achieved last weekend. 28 crews, nearly 130 sailors, thoroughly enjoyed the new race; a combination of close and competitive short courses and longer coastal and offshore courses made for some great racing.

The competition, the adventure and pushing oneself, as well as the fun atmosphere has meant that sponsors have already signed up to support the next edition which will be held from the 14th to the 16th of February 2020.

The organising team made up sailing clubs and associations including the Yacht Club de Martinique, Yacht Club de Neptune, the Yacht Club du Marin and the Associations Ven Dan Vwèl 972 and Open The Bar, as well as the title sponsor Crédit Mutuel Antilles Guyane, the City of Fort de France and the Sailing League (Ligue de Voile), are already busy planning on making the next edition event better and the not to be missed event in the Caribbean in 2020.

An event open to all Classes…

“It seems to me that this edition has put the Round Martinique Regatta among the events that matter in the Caribbean,” said Claude Granel, in charge of the sponsorhip and communications. “The good feedback from the competitors, all exhausted but happy, we hope will spread the word throughout Caribbean and get even more and would welcome multihulls, classics and more classes. Our race format appealed. The tour of the island is a demanding, exhausting and requires determination and no one leaves untouched by stunning landscapes they get to see. This event is unique and we are proud to be part of it. We look forward to making it grow and building on the success this year to develop the rating system for more types of entries.”

The Round Martinique Regatta 2019 - photo © Robert Charlotte
The Round Martinique Regatta 2019 – photo © Robert Charlotte

The festivities and entertainment a success to build on

For the first time, the Round Martinique Regatta had a village on the Malecon. This is only a beginning and the reception will be made bigger to accommodate further publish coming to see the boats and enjoy the shoreside activities. After long and tough races, relaxing ashore in the centre or on the beautiful beaches is always one of the most sought after activities. The race village was hugely popular and the aim is to enhance this further for next year.

Loyal partners

The Round Martinique Regatta enjoys the unwavering support of loyal partners who are support sailing and what Martinique has to offer; “Crédit Mutuel has been supporting us for 4 editions,” says Claude Granel. “With the support of the Martinique Committee for Tourism, the Territorial Collective of Martinique and Sara Energies, we have been able to organise this fantastic event which is just beginning to grow and make an impact in the Caribbean.”

Paul Constantin, President of the Yacht Club of Martinique

“The first day of inshore races were great for the competitors. Everyone was able to warm up, test their skills and whilst they finished tired, they were able to enjoy the hospitality in the Fort de France race village. The format has proven to be very popular. The Round Raid – a race around the island – is a challenge that sailors love to take up whilst the inshore windward leeward courses in the Bay proved to be popular with the public. The proximity of the boats with the public on Malécon was a novelty that we will develop, with the support of our partners. The Round Martinique Regatta Round was a beautiful showcase for the island, and we look forward to welcoming all in the Caribbean next season for a the next edition of the race.”

The Round Martinique Regatta 2019 - photo © Robert Charlotte
The Round Martinique Regatta 2019 – photo © Robert Charlotte

Jean Michel Figueres, Race Director

“The three-day race format, with this tough Tour de la Martinique race for the keen sailor, was a good choice. All feedback has been positive, and the regatta, despite how tiring and tough it was, has left everyone delighted. We have found our uniqueness and mark with this long race. By slightly changing our date next year, from February 14th to 16th, we leave Antigua sailors more time to come and sail here. There are a lot of boats sailing between Grenada and Antigua. It’s up to us to “entice” them thanks to our very spectacular race format, with exceptional weather conditions but also welcoming, all whilst ensuring to make it fun on shore too.”

The Round Martinique Regatta 2019 - photo © The Round Martinique
The Round Martinique Regatta 2019 – photo © The Round Martinique

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