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Royal Artillery circumnavigates Atlantic Ocean to celebrate 300 years
The yacht St Barbara V, a Rustler 42Lt Alex Bird RA

Royal Artillery

Royal Artillery circumnavigates Atlantic Ocean to celebrate 300 years

300 Years of the Royal Regiment

Soldiers and Officers from the Royal Regiment of Artillery are coming together to sail around the Atlantic Ocean on the Regiment’s flagship St Barbara in order to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Regiment. This will also foster ésprit de corps. They will launch from Gosport in September 2015 and return in August 2016 after HM Queen Elizabeth’s inspection of the Royal Regiment on it’s 300th year.


The Royal Regiment of Artillery was formed in 1716 in Building 40 at the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich, now the site of the Firepower Museum. In order to celebrate 300 years since the Regiment was founded, and following the Regimental motto ‘Ubique’ (everywhere), the Royal Artillery Yacht Club is organising the Regimental Yacht to sail around the Atlantic and to return in time for the Regimental birthday. This is an adventurous expedition, combining the experienced sailors within the Regiment and soldiers who have never sailed before to bring the Regiment together to celebrate. Each Regiment within the Royal Regiment is leading a leg, shown at Annex A. The launch will be attended by the Royal Artillery Yacht Club Patron and Admiral, General the Lord Richards of Herstmonceux (former Chief of the Defence Staff), who will deliver a short speech.

A challenge for all ranks

Lt Jennifer Price, 16 Regt RA, who will be sailing on the Grenada to St Lucia leg, says:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for all regular and reserve members of the Artillery to participate in an once-in-a-lifetime expedition. The whole Regiment, from junior Gunners to Lt Colonels are coming together to challenge themselves, see new places, and uphold the global spirit of the Royal Artillery”.

General the Lord Richards of Herstmonceux, former Chief of the Defence Staff, says:

Royal Artillery circumnavigates Atlantic Ocean to celebrate 300 years

The routeLt Alex Bird RA

“This is an exciting and challenging adventurous sailing expedition. It will develop the teamwork and leadership skills of all personnel who participate. Whether sailing across the Atlantic Ocean or cruising in the Canaries, Caribbean or along the eastern seaboard of the USA and Canada, it is a once in a lifetime sailing opportunity. Exercise Atlantic Ubique will be a chance for seasoned sailors and complete novices to experience the demands and extraordinary rewards of sailing in spectacular conditions”.

The expedition will give soldiers who have not sailed before the opportunity to experience some incredibly diverse conditions. It will maintain interest with the closedown in Afghanistan, and give service men and women focus and be an event to look forward to. The expedition is funded by a grant from the Adventurous Training Group (Army), and generously sponsored by Arun Sails and Inzpire.

Launch event

There will be a launch event in Premier Marina’s Camper and Nicholson Yard at the Boat House Café, in Gosport, on 20th September, just prior to the first leg departing on the tide on 21st September. This is an event to which all press have an open invite.

by Lt Alex Bird RA

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