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RS500 World Championship - Title to Peter Barton and Heather Chipperfield

RS500 World Championship – Title to Peter Barton and Heather Chipperfield

The RS500 World Championships 2015 in The Netherlands are over, with new Champions – Peter Barton and Heather Chipperfield of Britain.

Barton and Chipperfield took the title after a final day of intense racing which hinged on an OCS for Malin Broberg and Johan Rook of Sweden in the penultimate race, and depite their winning the final race, Barton and Chipperfield finished in fourth to claimthe RS500 World Championship by two points. Third were Peter and James Curtis of Britain.

The last day of the World Series started when a loud horn sounded ashore. Due to a lack of wind, the first start, which was scheduled for 10:55, would be postponed for at least an hour. All the flags in the harbour were still hanging still when another hour was added to the delay.

However, around 11:30, the flags began waving, indicating that the predicted wind had finally started to blow. At noon, a final decision about the races for the day would be made, but telling all the competitors proved to be unnecassary. A steady wind had come up and all the sailors were ready to get onto the water.

The gold fleet started two hours later than scheduled and sailed three races today. Racing in the gold fleet turned out to be very competitive. Large amounts of boats arrived at the marks at the same time and everyone was close together.

The silver fleet sailed two races Friday, winners were the Dutch pair, Richard Rot and Marieke Gijzel. In this fleet, more boats had difficulties with the winds, which resulted in some capsized boats. Even though the boats were more spreaded across the field, the racing was taken very seriously and everyone gave it their all.

RS500 Gold Fleet – RS500 World Championship, Final results
1st GBR 1015 Peter Barton, Heather Chipperfield 30,0 pts
2nd SWE 112 Malin Broberg, Johan Rook 32,0 pts
3rd GBR 659 Peter Curtis, James Curtis 45,0 pts
4th SWE 111 Peter Bokmark, Martin Person 49,0 pts
5th ESP 1089 Gerard Marin, Paul Batttle 59,0 pts
6th NED 819 Pim van Vugt, Lisa van Vugt 59,0 pts
7th SWE 51 Martin Johansson, Axel Johansson 62,0 pts
8th NED 1066 Michiel Geerling, Hilde Geerling van Susante 65,0 pts
9th GBR 727 Jane Olive, Chris Tuckett 81,0 pts
10th ITA 950 Tommaso Gommellini, Rudolfo Rubina 86,0 pts
11th GBR 1054 Graeme Bristow, Izzy Bristow 94,0 pts
12th NED 1003 Thomas Rot, Marloes Rot 97,0 pts
13th NED 777 Marleen Blomsma, Jody de Jager 105,0 pts
14th ITA 944 Francesco Bozano, Andrea Dellepiane 110,0 pts
15th NED 718 Max Groen, Bjorn Oude Avenhuis 110,0 pts
16th NED 67 Johan van Veen, Viktor Haaksman 119,0 pts
17th ITA 946 Luca Abergo, Stefano Costini 122,0 pts
18th NED 965 Willemijn van Susante, Nick van Alphen 122,0 pts
19th NED 894 Bruno Goris, Edith Kanters 132,0 pts
20th NED 1038 Anneke Kikkert, Floris Stapel 136,0 pts
21st SWE 821 Stephan Fassberg, Johanna Fassberg 150,0 pts
22nd ITA 1031 Matteo Cara, Leonardo Pizzagalli 152,0 pts
23rd NED 994 Jochem Slikboer, Anna Bertling 162,0 pts
24th FRA 940 Olivier Thomas, Paco Thomas 169,0 pts
25th GBR 1069 Hugo Tucker, Tom Collino 170,0 pts
26th NED 1074 Robin Rijnhout, Maarten Berendschot 171,0 pts
27th ITA 1032 Michele Oppizzi, Pietro Frazzica 188,0 pts
28th ITA 892 Giulio Foggi, Adriana Campanella 201,0 pts
29th GBR 1005 George Wilson, Laura Wilson 202,0 pts
30th ITA 1035 Martina Gommellini, Beatrice Xodo 212,0 pts
31st FRA 1039 David Jones, Sylvie Jones 216,0 pts
32nd NED 961 Giel Blokker, Corinne van Dalen 239,0 pts

RS500 Silver Fleet – RS500 World Championship, Final results
1st NED 1088 Richard Rot, Marieke Gijzel 48,0 pts
2nd SWE 22 Henrik Sillen, Ralf Lobel 53,0 pts
3rd NED 607 Martijn Jessurun, Folkert-Jan Oosterkamp 62,0 pts
4th NED 708 Freek Rutten, Rep Boonstra 70,0 pts
5th NED 540 Jan van den Brink, David van Veen 78,0 pts
6th NED 1076 Lukas van de Broek, Florine de Haan 89,0 pts
7th NED 638 Erik van der Linden, Anna Biesheuvel 93,0 pts
8th NED 1028 Sander de Jong, Ralf Broer 109,0 pts
9th NED 629 Thymen Ottenhof, Baruch Kiestra 115,0 pts
10th NED 864 Jasper Mellema, Robert Mellema 117,0 pts
11th NED 837 Wampie Driessen, Niek van der Kooy 122,0 pts
12th NED 1087 Marije Willemsen, Lonneke van Es 124,0 pts
13th FRA 748 Anna Zmura, Keith Sykes 129,0 pts
14th NED 1058 Martin Wolters, Niels Dieleman 132,0 pts
15th GBR 1073 Henry Russell, Matthew Russell 133,0 pts
16th FRA 980 Alexandre Emanuel, Guilhem Magnoud 136,0 pts
17th NED 18 Mark den Heijer, Marco Haas 138,0 pts
18th FRA 915 Fabrice Colaert, Laurent Malghem 145,0 pts
19th NED 719 Marnix Tissing, Okke Tissing 152,0 pts
20th FRA 928 Mathilde Boudrique, Compain 158,0 pts
21st NED 763 Anne Johan Buis, Femke Jaarsma 168,0 pts
22nd BEL 935 Olivier Beyls, Steve Jolley 169,0 pts
23rd NED 670 Fleur Leijs, Marieke Reitsma 171,0 pts
24th ESP 1019 Toni Roldan, Laia Roldan 174,0 pts
25th NED 890 Sascha van den Wall Bake, Lisette Hemelaar 174,0 pts
26th GBR 565 Will Pook, Alex Cole 182,0 pts
27th CZE 17 Anna Milerova, Klara Houskova 184,0 pts
28th FRA 563 Eric Gdalia, Perrine Gdalia 193,0 pts
29th NED 733 Frank Ottenhof, Rob Jessurun 209,0 pts
30th NED 1075 Enno de Haan, Iris Prummel 224,0 pts
31st NED 654 Julius de Koning, Thijmen Michiels 236,0 pts
32nd ITA 580 Robert Mazgaj, Petr JenAek 261,0 pts

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