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RSHYR 2015

There is the usual banter in the Hobart Media Office today that always starts at about this time in the race, as we all try to make an early call on the probable overall handicap winner for the Tattersall’s Trophy.

The Clubhouse leader is presently Paul Clitheroe’s Balance and the forecasts for the next twenty-four hours tend to favour them converting that lead to a top podium position.

Nonetheless, we all enjoy ruminating on the ‘what-if ‘scenarios in the media office, pondering which boats at sea might still yet steal a march. So, exchanges generally run along the following lines every year,

“They could probably do it if they keep up their average speed,” followed by “yeah, but look at the weather in front of them” and “yup, seems unlikely doesn’t it?……but you never know!”

Meantime the Balance crew, waiting patiently for the official call, are happy that they sailed as strong a race as they could have come what may, as this video interview demonstrates.

by Crosbie Lorimer

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