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RYA Scottish Club Trophy – Young sailors gather at Loch Lomond SC
RYA Scottish Club Trophy briefing in the morning with all the sailors gathered outside of the Loch Lomond SC© RYA

RYA Scottish Club Trophy

RYA Scottish Club Trophy – Young sailors gather at Loch Lomond SC

RYA Scottish Club Trophy 2015 – As many as 130 young sailors from 23 different clubs all over Scotland gathered at Loch Lomond Sailing Club on Saturday 22 August. The event was aimed at youngsters who hadn’t done much racing before to give them a taste of what racing in a big fleet away from your home club is like.

“It is great to see so many youngsters getting on the water at one event and it is exactly what we wanted from this event. It is great opportunity for youngsters to learn a bit more about racing, travel to a venue different from their home club to race, make lots of new friends and most importantly – have a fantastic time on the water.

“We had so many more entries than we were expecting which is great and to see all the smiling faces coming ashore at lunchtime and at the end of the day makes all the hard work worthwhile. A few have already said to me that they have loved it and definitely want to do more so that in itself is a huge success for us” commented Liza Linton, RYA Scotland Development Manager.

GB Sailing Team’s Lorenzo Chiavarini was there on the day after just arriving home from Rio to offer some wise words of advice to the youngsters and also to tell them a bit about the opportunities that are out there for those wanting to take their sailing to the next level.

“It has been great to be at this event and to see all the children on the water; this is what it is all about. I would very much like to come along to the event again in the future if I can” said Lorenzo after being grilled at a Q and A session.

In the end it was Loch Venachar Sailing Club who won the Scottish Club Trophy with some fantastic results across Oppie, Topper and Feva fleets. It is also rather fitting as it is the first time the club have won the trophy since they donated it as the Windward Mark Trophy back in 2008 so we are sure it will be taking pride of place in their club house.

The full results from the event are as follows:

Windward Mark Trophy
1. Loch Venachar Sailing Club


1. Finlay Tulett – Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust

1. Finlay Tulett – Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust
2. Alastair Ferguson – Royal Tay YC
3. Josh Hale – Loch Venachar SC

1. Suzanna Homer – Dalgety Bay SC
2. Molly Tulett – Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust
3. Amy Bryan – Clyde Cruising Club

1. Amy Bryan – Clyde Cruising Club
2. Ewan Methven – Bardowie Sailing Club
3. Marc Heger – St Mary’s Loch SC


1. Catie Warburton – Loch Venachar Sailing Club

1. Alastair Coombs – Loch Venachar SC
2. Alexander Cogan Sivarajan – Clyde Cruising Club
3. Matthew McLullich – Aberdeen Stonehaven YC

1. Catie Warburton – Loch Venachar SC
2. Amy Cook – Nairn SC
3. Anna Miller – Annandale SC

1. Eloise Noble – Annandale SC
2. Rebecca Carrick – Loch Lomond SC
3. Tia Hepplewhite – Loch Lomond SC

1. Ben Ibbotson and Jamie Warburton – Annandale SC
2. Claire Watson and Iona Brown – Cove SC
3. Robbie Devenny and Oscar del Priore – Cove SC

1. Ewan Wilson – Wormit Boat Club
2. Fin McGhie – Wormit Boat Club
3. Zac Brownlow – Royal Tay YC

Hansa 303
1. Rory McKinna – Bardowie SC
2. Jamie Kearns and Darren McGregor – Able 2 Sail
3. Vicky McMillan and Craig Holland – Castle Semple SC

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