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SailBook Cup 2015

SailBook Cup 2015 in Poland

It’s less than 30 days left to the SailBook Cup 2015. This year, we have more entries than ever – 42 yachts with more than 200 sailors from across the Poland, who will take part in a seven-day Baltic race. The route leads from Sopot around Gotland.

 The edition V of the regatta is going to be interesting

On the occasion of this event we received the license of the Polish Yachting Association to host Polish Marine Endurance Championship as part of the regatta SailBook Cup 2015. We are very pleased that managed to raise the profile of our event. The Baltic Sea is not very popular when it comes to racing and in Poland  there’s no typically marine events. I believe that the longest race on Baltic, 600 nautical miles around two Swedish islands, is the best way of selecting the true champions in sailing. – says Jacek Zieliński, the organizer of the event.

Sailing for Leo

All sailors, who is taking part in the regatta, are dedicating their struggle to all patients with Ondine’s curse, a deadly disease associated with insufficient supply of oxygen to the body.

In Norse mythology, Ondine is a water nymph who puts a curse on unfaithful lover and since then he had to remember to breathe. Monika Kwiatkowska, an actress from the Contemporary Theatre in Warsaw,  became the Ambassador of the cause – When Leo goes to sleep, he cannot control his breath, so he’s connected to a respirator, which breathes for him. It is a very strenuous, dangerous and, unfortunately, deadly disease. Only 1.2 thousand of people around the world suffer from the disease. As a result, the pharmaceutical companies are not interested in spending money on expensive research.

We will try to remove this nasty curse of Norse Goddes during the fifth edition of the SailBook Cup regatta. In April, together with Monika Kwiatkowska, we decided to initiate a campaign ‘Go for Leo’, which carries a number of activities involving our regatta with fundraising Polish CCHS Foundation ‘Remove the curse’. – says Aleksandra Warecka, co-organizer of the regatta. – We hope that together we can do something more.SailBook Cup 2015

How can you help?

First of all, you may take a part in the regatta. Those, who cannot participate in the competition (from different reasons), they can sail virtually by downloading the application from the satellite Tracked online, which allows you to track the progress of the yachts on the Baltic Sea. You may also buy special scarves ‘Go for Leo’.

You can join us by sharing all the information about Go for Leo from  plynedlaleo.pl by using Facebook.

The start of the race – July 18th at 12.00 from the pier in Sopot. You are very welcome.

All proceeds from the download apps from and sale of scarves will be donated to the Foundation’s account.

Honorary patronage: Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Region

Organizers: SailBook.pl, Pomeranian Voivodeship

Partners: Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, City of Sopot, SSI Jerzy Kuliński, Polski Klub Morski, Navinord, OceanTEAM

Sponsors: Naftoport, Konsal, InterRisk, Fiat Auto Poland, Prime System, Vector Sails, Henri Lloyd, Ocean Sails, Morka, Charter.pl, Nova Pierogova, MobilTruck, WaterToGo, Leo Centrum Języków Obcych, Księgarnia Morska.

Media patronage: Polskie Radio Jedynka, Radio Gdańsk, Radio Koszalin, Trójmiasto.pl, Magazyn Prestiż, Magazyn Pomorski, Młody Elbląg, Magazyn Wiatr, W Ślizgu, SailForum, Tawerna Skipperów.

by Aleksandra Warecka


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