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Sailing Weather in real time MeteoEarth.com

Sailing Weather in real time by MeteoGroup, Europe’s leading private weather company, have recently launched MeteoEarth.com, an educational and entertaining web application which allows users to view worldwide weather as it happens, from the comfort of their desktop.

The technology which powers MeteoEarth.com has been adapted from a professional broadcasting tool used by TV presenters around the world, and impressive 3D graphics compliment the high-end gaming technology used to fully engage the user with exploring the world’s weather.

There are a multitude of features available to suit a variety of different user needs. For people who are simply interested in gaining a general overview of the globe’s weather conditions, they can choose from a selection of weather layers; ranging from precipitation and cloud cover, to wind direction and temperature. They can smoothly zoom in to focus on different areas of the world, zoom out to get a global overview, and rotate the globe- all using the click of a mouse.

For the more avid weather enthusiasts, there is the option to observe tropical storms by simply clicking a button to be guided towards an area on the globe where a tropical storm is occurring. Once here, there are details of the storm’s name, wind, gust and overall speed. Different layers of weather information can be built up to visualise the storm in its entirety.

One of the most impressive features is the ‘Map Builder’ functionality, where users can include selections of MeteoEarth.com’s graphics on their own website or blog and there are a number of features which will help users customise the map for their individual needs.

  • An interactive map from Europe’s MeteoGroup lets you watch weather unfold around the world
  • By selecting different icons weather of varying types can be watched live in different countries
  • For example users can see the global cloud cover and also where it is raining at the moment
  • The interactive map even tracks the path of tropical storms and shows where wind is moving on Earth
  • Data is pulled live from a forecast model by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

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