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2016 Star Midwinter Championship - Cayard comments
Star Midwinter Championship – Day 4Paul Cayard

Star Midwinter Championship 2016

Star Midwinter Championship 2016 – The wind was late filling in today so we didn’t get the first race of the day started till 14:00. There is no other way to say it than the starting lines were horrible. Yet, the race committee put the black flag up! We haven’t had a race in this regatta without the black flag. This time the victim was regatta leader John MacCausland. Game over.

Magnus and I had a good first race. The wind probably touched 14knots in this race. Our start as mediocre at best but we had great speed up and down and finished third. Brian Ledbetter and Josh Revkin won easily and we finished right behind Like Lawrence.

In the second race, we had a mediocre start and went the wrong way on both windward legs. Tough to do well when you do that. Anyway, our speed was very good again which is what I am really pleased about with this new Folli.

Brian Ledbetter and Josh Revkin won this race also. They have a new Folli just like mine. In fact, they were shipped here in the same container.

Magnus and I climbed up the score board a bit today, into the top 10, but we never going to feature in this regatta counting a 35 from our Bkack Flag yesterday.

One day to go and possibly three races tomorrow.

by Paul Cayard

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