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Student Yachting World Cup 2015

Student Yachting World Cup 2015 – Weather is still nice on Le Pouliguen today, with the sun shining. The E-NE wind was a bit stronger than the yesterday, around 12 knots with gusts up to 17 kt.

Today, the teams ran four races, three inshore and one coastal.

2015 Student Yachting World Cup – Day 5


The first race showed no real surprise for the first places, compared to previous results. Ireland won, followed by Switzerland and Southampton. Cambridge, on the other hand, finished second to last, their worst result so far. A clever strategic move of France made them win three places at the last buoy and finish sixth, their best performance yet, like Japan who finished fifth.

The second inshore race saw Southampton securing the win, beating Switzerland and Ireland to the line. Canada finished fourth for the second time today and closed the head group, far away from the others. It was a good day for the Canadian team although their results might not be worthy of what they achieved. Unfortunately for them, Norway and Cambridge were judged OCS.

The third race of the day was harsh and fiercely disputed, as the ninth boat crossed the finish line barely four minutes after the first. Thanks to an excellent start which made them almost unreachable, Switzerland came ahead of the fleet, followed by Scotland and Cambridge. The departure occurred under black flag, leading to disqualification of Southampton and Norway.

2015 Student Yachting World Cup – Day 5

Day 5 – 2015 Student Yachting World Cup© Icarus Sailing Media

The last race of the day was a coastal race behind the “Evens” islands, with a wind increasing from 11 knots at the beginning to 15 knots at the end. Southampton, the defending team, managed to cross the line first, but followed very closely by the Cambridge team. Later came Canada and then Switzerland, who achieved to catch up after being forced to dip the line after the start. At the other end of the race, France lost three places due to one bad move, and finished ninth. The ranking was completed by Norway who couldn’t catch up after dipping the line more than two minutes after being recalled.

by Icarus Sailing Media

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