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2016 Summer Sailstice – Registration open
John Arndt© Summer Sailstice

Summer Sailstice 2016 – Registration open

Summer Sailstice 2016 – As the world turns: December 21st marks the summer solstice down South and the winter solstice in the North. The Southern Hemisphere is hitting its peak sailing season while we look forward to Summer Sailstice on June 18/19, 2016.

Register for the 2016 Sailstice and we’ll draw some early-bird winners for a Navionics Smart Phone chart app and some other goodies.

Thanks to you!

We were very pleased to receive the 2015 Distinguished Service Award at the recent Annapolis Sailboat Show! Why?

1 – It recognizes all sailors who contribute to the success of Summer Sailstice by uniting on the solstice to celebrate the joy of sailing.

2 – Who doesn’t like to get an award?

Congratulations to Summer Sailstice founder and lifelong sailor, John Arndt who was honored with the sailing industry’s 2015 Distinguished Service Award at the recent United States Sailboat Show, in Annapolis. This annual award recognizes an individual’s outstanding service toward the advancement of the sailing industry; the enactment of which John seems to have made his life’s mission.

John’s multifaceted involvement with sailing has seen him spend many years chairing and serving on boards such as the Northern California Marine Association, Sail America and SailSFBay. Add to this his work as Latitude 38, Associate Publisher, and his dedicated efforts in creating and driving Summer Sailstice, and we can see that this is no ordinary sailor. Despite all his aforementioned commitments, John also manages to embrace his passion and has racked up a significant list of sailing achievements.

2016 Summer Sailstice – Registration open

Summer Sailstice© Summer Sailstice

Wether racing, cruising or poking around the bay John has covered thousands of ocean miles. He has participated in several Bermuda races, numerous One Design races and Collegiate races. He has also enjoyed sailing in Europe and the Mediterranean, spent two winters cruising the Caribbean, and not least of all, spent countless sunny (and not so sunny) afternoons sailing in his home waters of San Francisco Bay. With such a full and varied sailing history, I couldn’t help but ask when and how it all began. Not surprisingly John began sailing very early while enjoying a comfortable berth, courtesy of his mother.

“Before birth – my parents sailed. I was born in December and sailed the summer before!” he replied.

However it took a couple more years before John was ready to handle the sheets and learn the ropes in Casco Bay, Maine under the watchful tutelage of his parents. The first boat John owned was a Snark, after which he sailed his way through many others including a Turnabout, a 420, and his grandfather’s Rhodes 19 which still remains in the family today. Currently though, John spends much of his sail time aboard his Ranger 33, aptly named ‘Summer Sailstice’

It seems a natural progression that a man who would devote so much of his life to sailing in one way or another would also want to encourage the whole world to join him, hence the creation of the annual global celebration of sailing.

“Summer Sailstice is my effort to create an event in which all sailors can participate regardless of how or where they sail. It also puts the true nature of sailing on display to help shatter some of the myths and preconceived notions of the non-sailing public.’

“I’ve always enjoyed the simple pleasure of being under sail and felt very lucky to have it be part of my life. Most every sailor I know feels the same. While everyone feels lucky to sail and often wants to invite more people to participate, the extremely broad range of sailing styles, boats and disciplines has always made it difficult to unite sailors in a shared mission,” he said.

So apart from being born into sailing, what motivates John to spend so much of his time and energy in, on, around and for sailing?


“There’s a real beauty and serenity that comes with utilizing all your senses and abilities while being immersed in the natural world to move towards a destination. For me, just being out there, is pure pleasure – whether it’s sunshine or storms.”

Clearly John is a very worthy recipient for sailing’s annual Distinguished Service Award. and plans to continue “sailing and connecting with sailors around the world to help tell the story of sailing so others can find their way to enjoy it too”.

John received an inscribed Captain’s Clock, designed and crafted by Ocean Icons, and donated byWeems and Plath.

Why Sign Up?

“As a fleet captain, I thought the Sailstice was a wonderful opportunity to get non-racers/spouses out on the water and to bond as a fleet.’

“The Sailstice is one day that you can get out on the water and know that people all over the world are doing the same, for the same reason. It is a day to just use your boat, don’t have to race it, or go far, but just join in with the global nautical community. When it seems sailing in general is down across the country – this event generates hope and excitement. I have lost many hours over the last two years on the Sailstice site reading all about what other clubs and sailors are doing.” _Kristin Keenan, Lake Michigan, Winner of new sheets and halyards from New England Ropes.

by John Arndt

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