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The new Azzurra is ready for her debut at Palmavela
The new TP52 Azzurra 2015© Jesus Renedo / Azzurra

The new Azzurra is ready for her debut at Palmavela

The 2015 version of Azzurra, the third TP52 by that name, will have her regatta debut tomorrow at PalmaVela, a test event for the best teams in the most competitive and technologically advanced monohull sailing class.

After her first sail in Valencia in March, the new version of Azzurra will have her regatta debut tomorrow at PalmaVela, long considered the trial event for this class before the start of the TP52 Super Series that will begin on May 19th in Valencia. With a fleet of nine newly launched boats, the TP52 Class 2015 is bigger and better than ever with new teams made up of some of the best professional sailors in the world.

PalmaVela is a start-of-the-season classic and an international fleet of 130 yachts divided into 12 different Classes will be at the starting line. From vintage classics to Maxis, from IRC and ORC Classes all the way up to TP52s. The start is for tomorrow at noon with different courses for different Classes. Winds are predicted to be light.

Skipper Guillermo Parada had these words: “So far we’re feeling good. We tested the boat at Valencia and now here for a couple of days. We have had everything from six to twenty eight knots and the boat is gaining a bit which is important and the feelings are good.new Azzurra is ready for her debut at Palmavela

‘Tomorrow we are starting racing so that’s a bit more serious. We’re going to find out if the feelings are reality but we’re really looking forward to the next day’s racing. It’s always important to get good results but the objective here is to learn about the boat and to test the boat as much as we can in order to get to Valencia for the Super Series in the best possible shape.

‘As for Quantum and the other competitors, the reality is that we don’t know all that much about them so we can’t compare. We have been testing against Quantum and obviously they are a good team and have been the winners for the past couple of years so we’re happy they’re here. By the end of the week we’ll have a pretty good idea of where we’re standing compared to them.”


• Pablo Roemmers – Owner
• Guillermo Parada – Skipper
• Vasco Vascotto – Tactician
• Bruno Zirilli – Navigator
• Giovanni Cassinari – Mainsail
• Mariano Caputo – Bowman
• Juan Pablo Marcos – Midbow
• David Vera – Pitman
• Maciel Cichetti – Trimmer
• Juan Messeguer – Trimmer
• Grant Loretz – Trimmer
• Mariano Parada – Trimmer
• Gabriel Marino – Grinder
• Alejandro Colla – Grinder
• Boat Captain: Pedro Rossi
• Coach: Guillermo Baquerizas
• Coach: Marco Capitani

more info …… azzurra.it

by Azzurra Sailing Team

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