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Transat bakerly – Joschke assesses options as her boat suffers damage
Franco-German sailor Isabelle Joschke aboard her Class40 yacht, Generali-Horizon Mixité - The Transat bakerly © Lloyd Images

Transat bakerly 2016

The Franco-German sailor Isabelle Joschke is currently assessing her options with her shore team after she discovered structural damage to the bow area of her Class40 yacht, Generali-Horizon Mixité, in the north-Atlantic.

Joschke, aged 39, had been leading the very close battle at the head of the Class40 fleet at a position about 630-nautical miles east, southeast of Nova Scotia but is now deciding where to head to, to make repairs.

The boat was sailing on starboard tack in 30 knots of wind when Joschke heard strange noises coming from the portside bow area, forward of the main bulkhead.

On inspection, she discovered water coming into the sail locker and quickly rolled her staysail and turned the boat downwind, 180 degrees away from the race heading.

It seems the failure is a crack in the hull which means there is no chance that she can continue upwind to New York, still over 1,000 miles away. This is a bitter disappointment for Joschke who was sailing a remarkable race in her first outing on a Class 40.

“We are currently developing a strategy for Isabelle who is looking for more favorable weather conditions to minimise the water ingress and settle on a route to a destination that will save her boat – Isabelle is well,’ summarised Joschke’s team leader Alain Gautier.

The main options for her are to try to head for Nova Scotia or perhaps head south, southeast towards the Azores which are about 1,000 miles away.

Transat bakerly – Joschke assesses options as her boat suffers damage

Generali – Horizon Mixité – The Transat bakerly © Vincent Curutchet / Lloyd Images / OC Sport

Joschke is the third Class40 skipper to sustain damage during the race after Maxime Sorel whose boat hit a containership and Armel Tripon who stopped in the Azores after the storm.

Among the seven remaining entries Edouard Golbery on Region Normandie in sixth place had to run off downwind while he worked to repair damage to his mainsail but he has now resumed his course to New York.

The class is now being led by Thibaut Vauchel-Camus on Solidaires en Peloton-Arsep who is just four miles ahead of Britain’s Phil Sharp on Imerys.

The next boat to reach the finish line off Sandy Hook is expected to be the longtime IMOCA 60 leader Banque Populaire, skippered by Armel Le Cléac’h. He currently has 220 miles to sail and is expected early tomorrow afternoon UK time.

The class rankings at 1200 BST – updated every four hours

1. François Gabart/Macif – Eight days, Eight hours, 54 minutes and 39 seconds at sea
2. Thomas Coville/Sodebo – Eight days, 18 hours, 32 minutes and two seconds at sea
3. Yves Le Blevec/Actual – 10 days, 12 hours, 15 minutes and 59 seconds

1. Armel Le Cléac’h/Banque Populaire – 264.8nm to the finish
2. Vincent Riou/PRB – 66.88nm to the leader
3. Jean-Pierre Dick/St Michel Virbac – 235.84nm to the leader

1. Gilles Lamiré/French Tech Rennes St Malo – 361.9 to the finish
2. Lalou Roucayrol/Arkema – 291.49nm to the leader
3. Pierre Antoine/Olmix – 623.33nm to the leader

1. Isabelle Joschke/Generali-Horizon Mixité – 1081.9nm to the finish
2. Phil Sharp/Imerys – 0.18nm to the leader
3. Thibaut Vauchel-Camus/Solidaires en Peloton-ARSEP – 3.18nm to the leader

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