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2016 Transat Bakerly - Isabelle Joschke officially retires
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Transat Bakerly 2016

Transat Bakerly 2016 – The Franco-German sailor Isabelle Joschke has officially retired from The Transat Bakerly, following the discovery of structural damage to her port bow yesterday morning.

Immediately after Joschke established the nature of the problem, she reefed her mainsail and last night, she managed to plug the leak. In agreement with team leader Alain Gautier, she will resume her route to Saint Pierre and Miquelon as planned.

“She will have to wait until about 20:00, when the wind will then move west to avoid the iceberg area”, explained Gautier. “The south west wind will strengthen in the middle of the night until tomorrow.”

“Conditions will improve which will enable her to head for Saint Pierre and Miquelon, which is our current favoured destination. If during Sunday night, the west is more favourable, we will consider another port of arrival.

“Isabelle is well. She is satisfied with the plugging of the leak and the boat does not move much with the structural problems. Nevertheless, she will sail on port tack to keep the damaged part out of the water.”

by The Transat

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