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2015 Transat Saint-Barth - Fabrice Amedeo in action
2015 Transat Saint-BarthPierre Bourras / Le Souffle du Nord

Transat Saint-Barth 2015

Transat Saint-Barth 2015 – Fabrice Amedeo, skipper of the IMOCA60 Newrest – Matmut, finishes second in the third event of the IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship 2015-2016, crossing the finish line this Saturday 19 December, at 14h 57mins 42secs GMT.

Irish skipper Enda O’Coineen (Currency House Kilcullen) is due to complete the podium tomorrow morning. In the Azores, Morgan Lagravière (Safran) left Horta mid-morning, Thomas Ruyant (Le Souffle du Nord) is obliged to wait until Monday to effect repairs, whilst Eric Holden (O Canada) has just announced his withdrawal.

It was his first ever solo transatlantic race in IMOCA60. When he left St Barths some 14 days ago, Fabrice Amedeo knew he wouldn’t be able to play the same strategic cards as Sébastien Josse, Paul Meilhat, Morgan Lagravière or Thomas Ruyant. Deprived of a large gennaker (headsail) he had to very quickly opt for a southerly course, which meant he was unable to hook onto the first low in the North Atlantic. In so doing, he managed to successfully make the most of what his trajectory had to offer. In the gales of the second week of racing, and again after his rudder damage, he valiantly fronted up to the situation. He tackled this initiatory transatlantic with both enthusiasm and pragmatism, a fact that augurs very well for the next stage of his programme.

2015 Transat Saint-Barth - Fabrice Amedeo in action

2015 Transat Saint-Barth© Julien Girardot

Croissant time for Enda

The podium for this transatlantic race is due to be completed tomorrow before dawn for the Irish skipper Enda O’Coineen (Currency House Kilcullen). He’s the least experienced offshore racing skipper in this fleet and engine issues forced him to set sail 24hrs after everyone else, and yet here we are… Bringing a whole new meaning to the expression ‘blowing one’s own trumpet’, this pure adventurer opted for a fairly direct trajectory, tracing his route through the heart of the Atlantic with delight, lyricism even, hunkering down in the big blows and regaining his good humour just afterwards. He’s expected in the Vallée des Fous around 04:00GMT tomorrow, which he’s sure to be thrilled about.

Morgan is off again

Morgan Lagravière (Safran) got back onto the racetrack bound for Britain this morning at 09:15GMT. Conditions remain boisterous but manageable with 25-30 knots of north-westerly, building temporarily tomorrow to 28-35 knots. The seas remain heavy with six to seven-metre waves, which equates to nearly half the size of yesterday, when waves in the Azores bordered on 10-11 metres.

Morgan has a little over 1,000 miles to go to finish his race and qualify for the Vendée Globe.

Thomas bides his time in the Azores

Thomas Ruyant (Le Souffle du Nord) and his team will have to wait until Monday morning before they can lift their boat out of the water and change the faulty part, which has created play in his keel. If Thomas manages to get back on the racetrack on Monday evening, he’ll stand a chance of making the finish before the line closes next Friday night.

2015 Transat Saint-Barth - Fabrice Amedeo in action

2015 Transat Saint-BarthMarion Cardon

Eric throws in the towel

There is no chance of revenge for Eric Holden (O Canada). This morning the Canadian skipper announced that he was throwing in the towel. His keel issues are too complicated to be repaired over a weekend and thus complete the race ranked. “It’s a serious issue. I’m going to give my all to sort these problems out as soon as possible so I can continue with my preparations and my qualification for the Vendée Globe.”

Ranking on 19 December at 16:00 GMT

1. Edmond De Rothschild – Sébastien Josse: Finish on 17 December at 21h 18min 17s in 10d 5h 18min 17s
2. Newrest-Matmut – Fabrice Amedeo: Finished on 19 December at 15 h 57min 42s in 12 d 23h 57min 42s *
3. Currency House Kilcullen – Enda O’Coineen: 218.1 miles from the finish
4. Le Souffle du Nord – Thomas Ruyant: 1128.4 miles from the finish
Ret. O Canada – Éric Holden
Ret. SMA – Paul Meilhat
* Average speed along the great circle route (3,375 miles) is 10.82 knots. His SOG was 3872.84 miles at a speed of 12.41 knots.

by Marion Cardon

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