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US National Championship

After sitting in second place after seven races yesterday, Brad Funk leaned on the gas a bit harder through five races today to win the Moth US National Championship.

The breeze shifted a bit to the right and picked up from Saturday, 14-20 knots, providing more consistent conditions. Downwind speeds depended on how much pressure was funneling down Buttonwood Sound and who set their sail controls perfectly and then stayed on the same jibe if they were ripping. Brad Funk owned it.Brad Funk wins Moth US National Championship

Closely behind Funk, Hawaii native Jonny Goldsberry took second, losing the tie-breaker to Brad. Brad’s advice to Jonny today: “tack like a ballerina, not a construction worker.” Patrick Wilson fell from first to third after an unfortunate crash at the start.

by sailingscuttlebutt.com


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