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Vendee Globe - Three questions for Nandor Fa
Nandor Fa – Spirit of Hungary Imoca60 Ocean Masters © ErdélyiG

Vendee Globe

It’s been twenty years since Nandor Fa last took part in the Vendée Globe. He will be setting sail for the third time on a boat he built himself.

The 63-year old Hungarian sailor answered a few of our questions.

Nandor, what did you do during this long absence?

“I had a normal life, like other people ashore. I took care of my family, my children, my business. I developed a company in Hungary and I’m proud to see some of my production here with the cleats. We export our products everywhere. My children are the most important thing for me. They were more important than my personal ambitions. It was more important to look after my family than take part again in this race. But now, the children have grown up and have left home. So I have plenty of time for myself. I took the decision to come back. The construction of the boat took two years and she is just like I wanted her to be. Fast, stable, safe and reliable.”

You didn’t fit foils to your boat. Why?

“When the rule changes were made, my boat was already designed and about to be built. It was impossible to add foils. The newest boats are completely different. I think they may have gone too far.

Vendee Globe - Three questions for Nandor Fa

Nandor Fa – 2016 Vendee Globe © Billy Black

I should get around in 90 days or just under. I’d be pleased with that result. I’d like one day to go out on a foiler to see what it is like, but as for going into the Southern Ocean or doing the Vendée Globe, I’m not going to take on that responsibility. The most important thing is getting all the way around.”

Why did you want to come back to the Vendée Globe?

“Apart from the family and my business, sailing is the only thing that interests me. The best moments of my life were when I took part in the Vendée Globe. This is the pinnacle event. I don’t want to ease off now that I’m over sixty, like some people do. I’m still strong and remain motivated. This is one of the hardest challenges in the world…”

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