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Volvo Ocean Race – Fleet pass wreck of Titanic

With less than 1,700 nm and a week’s sailing left before the Volvo fleet arrives in Lisbon, all six boats, once again, have a chance of snatching victory.

Less than 12 nm cover the fleet with Team Brunel, MAPFER and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing too close to separate in their tussle for the lead. tonight they skirt the wreck of the Titanic just north of the set ice limit.

Overall leaders Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (Ian Walker/GBR) were, as usual, handily placed in third place despite reporting a collision with a wooden pallet. There was no damage done to either crew or boat, but the team slowed briefly while they cleared the pallet off the keel. In all, they lost about four miles.

Matt Knighton on Abu Dahbi, “It took three days but we’re finally in a position where we can control the red boat. Mapfre and Alvimedica have slowed to windward and Dongfeng is 6 nm behind, as we get ready for the drag race beneath the Ice Exclusion Zone.”Volvo Ocean Race - Fleet pass wreck of Titanic

It has been uncomplicated sailing as they parallel two nautical miles (nm) south of the ice limit (IL). Two nm separates first to fifth and Team SCA are only 12 nm behind Team Brunel and MAPFRE, who are too close to separate in their tussle for the lead.

Thirty nm from IL4, the options for the fleet don’t get too much more exciting. With the current models, it looks like a drag race all the way to the eastern-most IL5.

As they round IL4 Thursday night, it’s a bearaway with the steady south-south-westerly for a 600 nm drag race. That promises to be intense time for all as they attempt to find a 0.1 knots advantage over their fellow competitor, closely monitored by the AIS and using old-fashioned eye sight.

Latest News – 06:00 UTC Friday

The fleet has now passed IL4 and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing took the lead at the 00:30 UTC report, but the close racing continues with the leading three – Abu Dahbi, Team Brunel and MAPFRE.

Volvo Ocean Race – Leg 7 Positions at 03:40 hrs UTC Friday 22 May 2015
1. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing DTF 1690 nm
2. Team Brunel DTL 0.3 nm
3. MAPFRE DTL 0.3 nm
4. Team Alvimedica DTL 1.4 nm
5. Dongfeng Race Team DTL 1.4 nm
6. Team SCA DTL 7.6 nm

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