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Volvo Ocean Race – Morning 12 Feb

Volvo Ocean Race – Morning Report Thursday 12 Feb

The move to the north by Team SCA and Team Brunel looks to be paying as the rest of the Volvo Ocean Race fleet scramble to escape the confused light zone to the south east of them. Abu Dhabi, who were leading the southern fleet, are sailing at 9 to 12 knots, while 115 nm away, SCA and Brunel are in 27+ knots and blasting along with breeze from 018 deg.

It looks certain that Brunel and SCA will make some good gains to the east and be in stronger winds that should then help them sail down and around the rest of the fleet.Team-SCA-Volvo Ocean Race

At the 06:40 check Abu Dhabi and the rest of the fleet had taken a hitch north, but then tacked to parallel SCA and Brunel still further to the north.

MAPFRE has managed to sneak past Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing during the night and they are in slightly more wind than Team Alvimedica and Dongfeng Race Team, who are also 2 knots slower right now.Team Brunel Volvo Ocean Race

Although locked together in a 10 nm pack, they are very much separated from the northern teams, who’re gaining around 30 nm every 3 hours.

In terms of the weather, it’s quite similar to the Saint Helena high-pressure system just off the tip of South Africa – they have to go a long way around it to get to where they want to go. SCA and Brunel have opted to just get on with it while the others wanted to play it safe.

Check back for updates as this unwinds . . .

Volvo Ocean Race – Leg 4 – Updated Positions at 06:40 hrs Thursday 12 February 2015
1. MAPFRE – Distance to Finish 4667 nm
2. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing – DTL 0.6 nm
3. Dongfeng Race Team – DTL 3.6 nm
4. Team Alvimedica DTL 4.8 nm
5. Team Brunel – DTL 33 nm
6. Team SCA – DTL 34 nm

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