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Yachts arriving in the Galapagos

Yachts arriving in the Galapagos

Yachts arriving in the Galapagos are now subject to more stringent checks to prevent introduced species invading the Islands.

All yachts planning to visit the Galapagos Islands must have their hull professionally cleaned before leaving their previous port. On arrival in the islands, it will be inspected, possibly by a diver, to ensure there is no foreign marine life which can endanger the native ecosystem. If the inspection is not satisfactory, the yacht will be sent away from the National Park. This involves going 30 to 40 miles out to sea. Where, if conditions allow, further cleaning of the hull can take place.Yachts arriving in the Galapagos

In addition, the yacht must be fumigated. Preferably before arrival, but it can be carried out on arrival. Ensure that an approved product is used and that you have a certificate.

The new requirements also specify that two notices be posted on the yacht. One, on the outside stating

Do not throw garbage overboard’ and another on the inside by the engine compartment saying

‘Do not discharge Black waters into the sea’.

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