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American Magic - Surrogate AC75 - launched October 27, 2018 - photo © Amory Ross /American Magic
American Magic - Surrogate AC75 - launched October 27, 2018 - photo © Amory Ross /American Magic

America’s Cup

A second America’s Cup team have launched a Surrogate AC75 – this one appears to be closer to the maximum length allowed.

The New York Yacht Club team American Magic have posted images on their Facebook page – dated October 27, 2018 of the new boat being launched.

The length is expected to be close to the 12metres LOA permitted in the Protocol governing the 36th America’s Cup. It was rumoured that two teams were buying MC38 hulls – at 11.35m being just under the 12m permitted length.

The deck layout of the American Magic surrogate is quite different from the MC38 – but the canoe body of the hull shows similar lines and concept – with the maximum beam being carried very straight aft and with a similarly proportioned hull to the MC38. The US team’s test boat is very different in hull shape from the Quant 28 used by INEOS Team UK.

The deck layout on the US boat features two cockpits each side with the helmsman in the after cockpit helming from a seat. It is not clear if he will be belted in to offset the G-forces when the prototype spins out. The twin cockpit approach should afford the crew more protection and reduced windage than the open cockpit approach of the British test hull – which was believed to have been purchased second hand before being fitted out as a foiling monohull.

The images show at least four crew on boat, more likely to be five sailing crew as the team tries to mimic a half size version of the AC75.

American Magic - AC75 Surrogate - October 27, 2018 © Amory Ross

American Magic – AC75 Surrogate – October 27, 2018 © Amory Ross

Most obvious difference between the Royal Yacht Squadron’s team’s test boat, other than the hull shape is the shape of the foil. The British design looked to be very like an aircraft wing. The US team’s appears quite different with the flaps in the foil being obliterated in a photo editing process, and the shape of the foil itself is likely to have been similarly, but less obviously altered. The water reflection on the hull also appears to be inconsistent – again indicating more photo editing.

The foiling of geometry of the 38ft US boat should be a lot more accurate than the shorter British boat – but is still only half size of an AC75, and does not even approach ETNZ’s AC50 prototype which launched for the 2017 America’s Cup with foil and sailing geometry the same as the larger AC50.

Also of interest is the label on the sails – being from the Quantum loft – which is closely identified with the team and its Maxi 72, TO 52 and team principal Doug de Vos. The 36th America’s Cup is not expected to be the exclusive domain of North Sails, who have dominated the America’s Cup sail wardrobes, since the victory of Australia II in 1983.

The first AC75’s that can be sailed in the 36th America’s Cup are expected to be launched in May 2019.

by Richard Gladwell

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