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2019 Adams 10 National Championship © Garth Riley
2019 Adams 10 National Championship © Garth Riley

Adams 10 National Championship 2019

It was mate against mate and Lake vs Harbour. At what is nicknamed the Adams 10 World Cup.

Lake Macquarie Yacht Club really excelled in putting on a first class regatta. There race officials, marina facilities and country hospitality are number one. The race track being in front of the club makes the regatta all to easy.

The Friday night practice race was the first time many of the crews sailed together and it was last year’s Nationals winner Backchat which looked like it was going to be hard to beat. Taking out 1st place with ease Tom Braidwoods team had the whitest North Sails t-shirts ever seen. This looked like a highly organised and funded team from the Lake was going to be hard to beat. One of the last entries to the regatta Sean Langmans Sayten came 2nd. With Garth Riley and Sirius a close 3rd.

Saturday Morning was time for the Adams 10 association AGM. New office bearers were elected and office bearers which were absent were re-elected. Change of President from Patrick Delaney to Tom Braidwood. On election Tom Braidwood is commented that he wants to get all Adams 10’s up to speed and build the class to have 20 competitive boats at the next Nationals. There was also a new committee formed to propose updated class rules for approval by the association. This is not to change the class rules but give them more clarity as some definitions and specifications could be interpreted in different ways.

The Sydney Harbour Regatta on the 2nd and 3rd of March will now double up as the Adams 10 NSW state Titles.

If you want to get into Adams 10 racing please contact Tom or any of the Adams Skippers we are there to help. You can use Facebook or the website or go to MHYC on Saturday Morning 11-12 before racing I am sure you will find loads of willing help you may even get a ride to try.

Race Briefing: New to the class but well received was the introduction of an on water umpire. Damien the official on water umpire explained how the process will work and there would be no protest room for the regatta. Every incident was dealt quickly and efficiently on the water and the protest room lottery was not an option.

2019 Adams 10 National Championship - photo © Garth Riley

2019 Adams 10 National Championship – photo © Garth Riley

three days of racing and seven races were completed. Light and variable conditions made challenging racing. The simple theory that at the Lake you go left definitely did not work.

Race 2 had the top mark shifted to the right twice which left those on the left out the back. Sometimes banging the left corner paid sometimes banging the right corner and sometimes the middle of the track picking the shifts.

Day 3 Final race. On the Last Day the final race there were still 4 boats that could take the crown. Tensions were high and the wind was fickle. The AP went up and down so many times i can’t recall. Throw in 2 general recalls it was like the Race Committee were building suspense like the recaps in a reality TV show. It was another day of snakes and ladders. The W3 course was started and the right payed big. The race committee moving the top mark another 40 degrees to the right for the second beat. On the second beat the wind went left and the left paid bigger. This time the top mark was more like a wing mark and the fleet reached back to the bottom gate which was now the finish line. Rob Clarkes “Kick n Chase” got a third in the race was enough to get him the Silverware. There was also PHS Division winner Garth Rileys “Sirius”.

Then on the Tuesday the Nor Easter came in on time and on forecast which made a pleasant and quick trip home to the Harbour for the visiting boats.

A Big Congratulations to Rob Clarke and his team.

Overall Results:

Pos Sail No Boat Name Skipper Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Pts
1 MH63 KICKNCHASE Rob Clarke MHYC [7] 4 2 1 2 3 3 15
2 MH308 L2 Justin Mitchell RMYCT 4 6 1 3 1 6 [8] 21
3 MH26 ANOTHER DILEMA Tim Gallego MHYC 3 3 [8] 4 6 4 1 21
4 M1011 EAT MY SHORTS Bryce Johnson LMYC 2 1 [9] 5 4 5 5 22
5 M53 SAYTEN Sean Langman LMYC 5.5 2 5 8 5 1 [15U] 26.5
6 MH192 POWDERHULK Patrick Delaney MHYC 8 [9F] 6 2 8 2 4 30
7 4772 BACKCHAT Tom Braidwood LMYC 1 7 [10] 6 3 7 7 31
8 MH118 SIRIUS Garth Riley MYC 5.5 9F 4 [12] 7 9 2 36.5
9 MH101 ROCK SOLID Mitchell Miller MHYC [12] 5 7 7 9 10 6 44
10 MH171 CONTENTIOUS Brian Lees MHYC 9 9F [12] 10 12 8 10 58
11 4572 TENACITY Tim Cummings LMYC [13] 9F 3 9 13 12 13 59
12 MH36 NO FRIENDS Geoffrey Charters MHYC 10 9F [11] 11 11 11 9 61
13 M32 INPROMPTU Michael Graham LMYC 11 9F [14] 14 10 13 11 68
14 5116 FOR PLAY Rob Brenton RMYCT [14] 9F 13 13 14 14 12 75

by Garth Riley

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