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Energy Observer’s 2020 Tour

Energy Observer © Energy Observer Productions - Antoine Drance

Toyota has been involved in the Energy Observer project from the start, because of hydrogen being at the very heart of this amazing journey. During a six-year odyssey, which started in 2017, the Energy Observer team is navigating the first energy-autonomous hydrogen boat around the globe. The electrically propelled vessel of the future operates by using a mix of renewable ...

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Pirates release one crew of “Happy Lady”, seven remain hostages + map Nautical Piracy


Following the pirate’s attack on 31 December 2019 in the Greek-flagged “Happy Lady” tanker, from Limboh port in Cameroon, one of the kidnapped crewmembers officially announced to be returned back in his country, Greece. During the piracy invasion, the 35-year old engineer of the vessel ended up injured by bullet deflection. Specifically, the engineer arrived on 7 January early in ...

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Hybrid ferry on Norwegian fjords

ABB powers futuristic hybrid ferry on Norwegian fjords

ABB is providing integral technology to one of the most innovative ship designs ever seen on the Norwegian fjords. The ferry will couple its striking appearance with ABB’s cutting edge maritime hybrid solution. The vessel’s concept has been named “Vision of the Fjords”. ABB has supplied a compact and lightweight version of the award winning Onboard DC Grid system that ...

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Sea kidnappings rise in 2016 despite plummeting global piracy


More crew were kidnapped at sea in 2016 than in any of the previous 10 years, despite global piracy reaching its lowest levels since 1998, the ICC International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) annual piracy report revealed today. In its 2016 report, IMB recorded 191 incidents of piracy and armed robbery on the world’s seas. “The continued fall in piracy is good ...

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Pirate Attack Thwarts Philippine Coast Guard

Philippine Coast Guard Thwarts Pirate Attack

On Tuesday 2017-01-03, suspected pirates launched an attack on the geared bulker Ocean Kingdom off of Zamboanga, Mindanao. A spokesman for the Philippine Coast Guard told Inquirer.net that two speedboats approached the Kingdom and opened fire at her bridge. Coast Guard assets arrived on scene and engaged the pirates, and after a firefight, the attackers retreated. No casualties were reported. ...

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£225 million superyacht cruised into London

superyacht cruised into London

When their £225 million superyacht cruised into London last week, Tower Bridge had to be raised to let it through. But when it comes to the extraordinarily lavish lifestyle of owners Andrey Melnichenko and his glamorous wife Aleksandra, the floating palace is just the tip of the iceberg. Boasting an £8.5 billion fortune, the couple are not shy about splashing ...

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Top 10 places where you could be attacked by pirates

top 10 places where you could be attacked by pirates

While piracy may seem contained inside the plots of popular movies, the crime still happens with surprising frequency across the globe today. Piracy cost the world over $1 billion in 2015, according to the latest State of Maritime Piracy report. Just last year, thousands of people were attacked, and hundreds of them were held hostage — many for a hefty ...

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Ílhavo Sea Festival in Portugal

Ílhavo Sea Festival 2016

This summer, Ílhavo will, once again, return to the tall ships route.  Complying with the tradition of well receiving the World’s tallest ships and valuing the Portuguese sea spirit, this August we will revisit the participating tall ships and promote mutual knowledge in a truly multicultural festival. The Port of Aveiro will be transformed in a small city for young ...

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SALTS ~ Sail and Life Training Society

Sail and Life Training Society

The Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS®) was founded in 1974 and is a registered charity in Canada and the USA (FORGN tax exempt status in the USA). The Society operates two tall ships, thePacific Grace and Pacific Swift, and offers sail training to young people ages 13-25 (as well as Day Sails for all ages). These ships are maintained ...

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Pirates seize Singapore tanker

Pirates seize Singapore tanker

KUALA LUMPUR – A Singapore-registered tanker was seized by pirates while sailing in Malaysian waters and robbed of its marine fuel before releasing it, a senior Malaysian coast guard official said on Sunday. The ship lost contact with port authorities late Saturday, several hours after it left the Indonesian city of Tanjung Pinang, according to Ahmad Puzi Ab Kahar, deputy ...

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