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Debbie part II ~ Insurance

One of the many sad stories on Hamilton Island © .

If you have been on the planet or around boats long enough, you’ll know all about the 7Ps. The one ‘C’ mentioned here refers to consequence, and in the legalese that surrounds insurance, it gets applied distinctly to consequential damage. We’ll come back to all of that in a while, but for now, our mission is to look at the ...

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Cyclone Debbie

Queensland Cyclone

Hamilton Island faces massive five-month rebuild Hamilton Island faces a massive five-month rebuild but will partly reopen for business next Saturday after “all hell broke loose”. Exclusive pictures obtained by The Sunday Mail shows the “apocalyptic” scale of destruction to privately owned homes, luxury hotels and yachts at ground zero in the cyclone-ravaged Whitsundays. Hamilton Island chief executive Glenn Bourke ...

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Cowes & Fastnet Info Sheet 28 July – 12 August 2017

Cowes & Fastnet Info Sheet

The Race – Fastnet 603 nautical miles Alongside the Sydney- Hobart, the Fastnet race is one of the truly iconic yacht races. The race is only held every two years and, despite being the largest by far of the world’s classic 600-mile offshore races in terms of participants, race entry is always massively oversubscribed, making it that much harder to ...

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America’s Cup Superyacht Program

The America's Cup Superyacht Program – A true highlight America's Cup

The 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda will feature the fastest yachts in the 166 year history of the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport. The sailors racing those yachts, known as America’s Cup Class (ACC) yachts, are supreme athletes, comparable to NFL linebackers or Olympic sprinters in terms of power output and athletic ability, and the crystal clear, ...

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Tropical Cyclone Debbie

The highest cloud tops, corresponding to the most vigorous convection, are shown in the brightest red colors. Clustering, deep convection around the center is a sign of a healthy tropical cyclone. The Weather Channel

Tropical Cyclone Debbie has reached Category 2 strength and is forecast to further intensify to Category 4 strength, crossing the Queensland coast on Tuesday between Rollingstone and Proserpine. Queensland Regional Director Bruce Gunn said this cyclone is very dangerous, and of a size not seen in Queensland since Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi in 2011. ‘Communities between Lucinda and St Lawrence, ...

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Beautiful Cruising Destinations

Beautiful Cruising Destinations

From Caribbean hot spots, to quiet anchorages at the bottom of the world, these are some of the most beautiful sailing spots on the planet. Caribbean Windward Islands, Caribbean Tropical rainforests, barrier reefs, secluded anchorages: In the Windward Islands, you’ll get a taste of all that the Caribbean has to offer, and plenty of fine trade-wind sailing to boot. For ...

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A Wonderfully Relaxing Cruise to a Sunken City

Turquoise Coast of Turkey

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey has many treasures. One of them is the sunken city of Kekova on an island close to Demre, a cruise away from the tourist region of Fethiye. The Provinces of Mugla and Antalya in South West Turkey have wonderful coastlines. Mugla’s northern border looks west to Greek Islands and continue around the very south west ...

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Exxpedition ~ Vancouver Club Night

Vancouver Club Night - Exxpedition Bluewater Cruising Association

If your total sailing experience was a couple of hours, would you sign up to join 13 other women whom you’d never met for a 21 day offshore passage from Brazil to French Guyana? Sarah Richardson did… Join her as she tells and shows us her experiences on the 72’ research vessel, Sea Dragon, as a crew member of Exxpedition ...

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Why Is It a Great Experience Renting a Boat in Croatia?

Sailing the Croatian

Croatian coast makes more than 1,500 islands, islets and rocks as well as numerous coves. The brilliant inlets, the perfect ocean, lovely temperatures, pleasant winds and safeguarded magnificent natural beauty are the flavors of the Croatian Adriatic. Sailing the Croatian Coast by boat Sailing along the Croatian coast appears to be a special experience for all boaters and all of ...

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You Wont’ Believe Just How Deep And Scary The Ocean Really Is

Believe Just How Deep And Scary The Ocean Really Is

The Ocean is a deep and scary world that is completely removed from most of our lives. In this video I explore just how deep the ocean actually is while discussing some of the strange life down there… and other just plain weird and odd things about the ocean. by Rich Lazzara / oceanofnews.com

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