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COVID-19 - Coronavirus Disease © Daria Blackwell
COVID-19 - Coronavirus Disease © Daria Blackwell

COVID-19 Effects on the cruising community

Formalities worldwide have been evolving with the spread of the novel Coronavirus, prompting special health requirements at Ports of Entry.

With more than 108,000 confirmed cases around the world reported as of the 8th March 2020, authorities are scrambling to contain the spread of the novel virus.

As a result, they are instituting procedures designed to limit exposure via visitors from other countries. Some are imposing quarantine, others requiring health reporting for all crew, yet others restricting entry to visitors arriving from countries most severely affected, including China, Italy and Iran.

To assist cruisers in dealing with the dynamic situation, Noonsite has instituted a resource page outlining procedures as they are implemented and reported to them. Noonsite has called on the cruising community to assist by reporting new procedures to noonsite@noonsite.com as they are encountered.

Wilhelmsen has posted a Global Port Restrictions Map which, although targetted primarily at commercial shipping, provides an indication to leisure craft where restrictions are being imposed. Many of the restrictions to commercial vessels are being applied to yachts in transit.

We urge OCC members and the wider cruising community to heed the advice of the WHO and regional authorities.

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by Daria Blackwell

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