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Energy Observer © Jeremy Bidon
Energy Observer © Jeremy Bidon

Energy Observer

Energy Observer now taking to the seas

After travelling around France, Energy Observer is now off on her six year voyage to 50 countries, which begins in the Mediterranean for this Summer. She has already steamed over 5000nm, and made 12 stopovers in three countries. If she looks familiar it is because she was once the maxi cat, Formule TAG.

The Mission

An odyssey for the future on board the first hydrogen vessel around the world

Our vision of the future consists in drawing our energy from nature, without damaging it, and without wasting it. This is the vision we wish to share throughout the planet with our innovative project.

To do so, the team has taken on both a human and technological challenge with Energy Observer: the first self-sufficient energy vessel with zero greenhouse gas or fine particle emissions that is powered by hydrogen and renewable energies, thanks to energy coupling.

Energy Observer - photo © Jeremy Bidon

Energy Observer – photo © Jeremy Bidon

At sea, onboard Energy Observer, we need as much sun as wind, batteries or hydrogen. The situation is similar on land. Energies and storage systems complement one another, and we have to learn how to make them work together: there isn’t a unique solution to climate change, but rather plenty of possibilities. Victorien Erussard, Founder and Captain of Energy Observer

For more information, please go to energy-observer.org

by Energy Observer

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