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F18 Worlds at Sarasota day 4 - photo © Ellinor Walters
F18 Worlds at Sarasota day 4 - photo © Ellinor Walters

F18 World Championship

In less than 24 hours, the 2018 F18 World Champion will be crowned, but despite the intense competition amongst the top ten boats, the atmosphere was calm and positive at Thursday night’s Sarasota Yacht Club Social.

Teammates from Greece, Iordanis Paschalidi and Konstantinos Trigonis continue to lead the pack into the final day of racing, and the second place team from the USA, Easton & Burd have de-throned the Australians who previously held their position.

Thursday’s racing began with a lighter breeze, which slowly picked up into the afternoon, bringing a much-anticipated wind from the Gulf and shaking up the leaderboard. This is the first day that teams have experienced heavy breeze on the course.

This has been a regatta where consistency rules and as a result, the Van Dam father-son duo from the Netherlands moved into third place and the St. Andrew’s Bay team of Reiss and Whitehead moved into fourth, knocking AUS team Burvill/Puttman into fifth and the Booth family into sixth.

“I think its really difficult here, but all the time we are looking around and communicating about where the wind is and what is happening with the shifts,” said Hans Van Dam of the course.

With challenging conditions and the possibility of a second throw out race, the F18 Class could feature a number of talented sailors on the podium, the regatta is yet to be decided!

Results after Day 4: (top ten, 9 races)

F18 Worlds at Sarasota day 4 ©Ellinor Walters

F18 Worlds at Sarasota day 4 ©Ellinor Walters

1. 20 / GRE7, Iordanis Paschalidis/Konstantinos Trigonis, NOTH, 2-5-1-1-5-1-[8]-1-8- ; 24pts
2. 9 / USA11, Michael Easton/Tripp Burd, MITNA / Eastern Yacht Club, [10]-9-3-2-3-9-1-5-7- ; 39pts
3. 63 / NED77, Hans Van Dam/Marius Van Dam, Royal Maas Yacht Club, 3-3-15-4-7-[23]-2-2-6- ; 42pts
4. 55 / USA850, Taylor Reiss/Matthew Whitehead, St. Andrew’s Bay Yacht Club, [25]-8-2-8-6-11-7-4-1- ; 47pts
5. 72 / AUS526, Brett Burvill/Max Puttman, JBSC, 1-2-5-6-4-17-12-11-[24]- ; 58pts
6. 41 / ESP1, Mitch Booth/Ruben Booth, Club Vela Palamós, 8-1-6-13-1-[29]-17-15-2- ; 63pts
7. 74 / USA17, Pete Melvin/Ferdinand Van West, WSV, 7-12-[13]-10-11-4-9-7-11- ; 71pts
8. 89 / ARG11, Cruz Gonzalez Smith/Mariano Heuser, YCA, [30]-7-10-7-2-27-6-10-9- ; 78pts
9. 85 / FRA901, Emmanuel Boulogne/MARFAING MATTHIEU, CLUB DE VOILE DU TOUQUET, 14-6-1/RDG-20.3/RDG-10-8-5-24-[79/DSQ]- ; 88.3pts
10. 10 / USA1899, Charles Tomeo/Dalton Tebo, SSS, 15-[21]-12-5-15-13-4-8-18- ; 90pts

Full results can be found here.

Find out more at www.2018f18worlds.com

by Ellinor Walters

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