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First Balance 760

Whenever a project commences to create a new catamaran design, and to then build, launch, commission and sea trial her, it takes a lot of time and effort from a great many talented men and women. It also takes a patient and supportive owner to hang in there until the project is done.

Whether you look at her designer, Anton Du Toit, or her builder, Mark Delany, or to Southern Spars, or to the guys over at Ullman, or to the careful oversight and passion of her project manager, Peter Dean (former owner of Dean Catamarans) – it takes a village of skilled craftsman to create something this special.

When you start fabrication of a yacht of this size and complexity you must also work carefully through weight table estimates to be sure she comes in just right, sits on her lines, and then sails to expectations. It is always a bit nerve racking when you set a new design into the water after two or more years of work – will she sit on her lines? I still recall the elation we all felt when our first 526 went to water, Ondine. She was level fore and aft and level side to side. Mission accomplished.

First Balance 760 arrives in Tortola from Cape Town © The Multihull Company

First Balance 760 arrives in Tortola from Cape Town © The Multihull Company

On a larger cat like Skimmer, the great fear is always that she might come in a bit too heavy, but in fact the opposite occurred: she came in at least a ton less than Anton’s projections, sitting in lightship at about 32 Tons and fully kitted for cruising and a voyage at about 34.5 tons. To achieve this benchmark required a fully cored boat, hulls, deck, and furniture, all epoxy resins, and an attention to detail every step of the way. To place this into perspective, the new Lagoon 77 weighs 57 tons. I suppose there is no reason here to explain what all this might mean with regard to Skimmers sailing and motoring performance compared to a Lagoon 77! As we’ve always said, ‘A Green Boat is a sailing boat.’ If you can sail in any winds over six knots and do six knots, or motor efficiently when becalmed sipping fuel, you are doing a world of good for the planet.

During her first sea trial in Cape Town Skimmer hit 18 knots without breaking a sweat. She later hit the 26-knot mark on her sail across the Atlantic. Skimmer likes to sit in at 12 to 15 knots all day long, without being pushed, and due to her long length and wave piercing bows she offers a comfortable ride in even the worst conditions. She is a truly balanced luxury performance voyager that sets a new standard for a performance flybridge in the catamaran industry. BALANCE CATAMARANS applaud the entire team for another job well done.

First Balance 760 arrives in Tortola from Cape Town The Multihull Company

First Balance 760 arrives in Tortola from Cape Town The Multihull Company

Skimmer is now listed exclusively for sale with The Multihull Company as her owner has been called back to take over his previous company and must delay his world voyage for approximately three years. He is prepared to sell a 50% or more share in the boat to have a partner, or to sell her with some provision where he may charter her from her new owner for several months in the next three years, wherever she may happen to be.

Visit her full listing for complete details here.

by The Multihull Company

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