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Martinique Flying Regatta

Debuting at the International Paris Boat Show in early December 2017, the Martinique Flying Regatta passes a new milestone today with the publication of the Notice of Race to trigger the sporting countdown to the event.

Aiming to become the Caribbean’s major foiler meet, the event showcases the very latest technology, which is the undisputed future of competitive sailing.

A particularly favourable spot for it, the Baie de Fort de France is a vast marine space spanning 70km2 and ranked as one of the most beautiful bays in the world with its steady medium winds and its continuously flat seas protected by the mountains. The perfect playing field for foiling craft then, particularly given the balmy average air temperature of 28 degreesC in November.

From 17 to 24 November 2018, there are now seven guest series set to represent nearly all the existing foilers. These range from the ultra-modern, fun craft like the Kitefoil and the Windfoil, to the individual Onefly and the famous Moth foilers, the double-handed Flying Phantom and the three-man Easy to Fly, culminating with the five-man GC32 inspired by the America’s Cup.

Martinique Flying Regatta © Martinique Flying Regatta

Martinique Flying Regatta © Martinique Flying Regatta

The course will comprise both nautical arena courses in the Baie de Fort de France to put on a show for the locals in Martinique and long-distance courses around the bay with the backdrop of the stunning shores of Les Trois Ilets, Anse Mitan and Anse à l’Ane.

To support the racers, the organisation is setting up sizeable logistics facilities: transport of craft in containers included in the entry fees, special rates for air transport thanks to the partnership with the Corsair International company and special rates for accommodation.

Organised by the Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme and the Sirius Evénements company, the event has also already received the support of the Grand Port Maritime in Fort de France and the Ligue de Voile de Martinique, which represents the island’s clubs and will make up the offshore organisation.

On your foils! Registration is now open on the new website.

by Kate Jennings

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