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Garcia Explocat 52 ©Garcia Yachts
Garcia Explocat 52 ©Garcia Yachts

New Garcia Explocat 52

Garcia Yachts presents the Explocat 52, the ultimate aluminum exploration catamaran. Already sold in six units, she completes the range of Garcia Exploration monohulls.

Solid, safe, comfortable and performant

Solidity and structural rigidity of aluminium: The choice of aluminium increases the safety margin of the Explocat 52, designed to navigate off the beaten track. The rigidity of the platform, beyond industry standards, provides reliability and performance.

Seaworthiness and performance: The architectural choices (centering and weight distribution, height under basket, hull design, rostrum, power under sails,…) ensure a good marine behaviour in complicated seas.

Crew protection: The deck layout is designed for a reduced crew; steering and manoeuvres can be carried out solo, sheltered from the aft cockpit.

Comfort and design: The Garcia shipyard’s historical care is taken in the conception, design and realization of the interior fittings, for a top-of-the-range living comfort on board.

Garcia Explocat 52 - photo © Garcia Yachts
Garcia Explocat 52 – photo © Garcia Yachts

Aluminum made shaped hull

Explocat 52 offers a combination of strongness, durability and lightweight, due to Garcia Yachts’ 45 years of expertise in building aluminum shaped hulls.

Sail everywhere in any conditions

The Garcia Explocat 52 is designed to go off the beaten track and considerably broaden the scope of what is possible on a catamaran. She offers a new way to explore the world, previously reserved for monohulls.

An expert concept and design

Explocat 52 is the result of a close collaboration between Pierre Delion (architect), Darnet Design (design), the Garcia Yachts design office and the experts of Outremer and Gunboat.

Innovative solution: pendular helm

A pendular helm system* allows to steer either in a low position, sheltered from the hard bimini covering the cockpit, or high up for maneuvering and sailing in good weather conditions. This system was not developped when the Explocat 52#1 was ordered, it will be installed on #2 and following.

A front cockpit to observe environment

The Garcia Explocat 52 includes a front cockpit: in hot areas, it is a second well-ventilated resting space. In cold and icy areas, it’s a protected lookout.

Garcia Explocat 52 - Saloon - photo © Garcia Yachts
Garcia Explocat 52 – Saloon – photo © Garcia Yachts

High comfort standards

The insulation, equipment and interior fittings of the Explocat 52 are all to the highest quality standards, characteristic of Garcia Yachts. The headroom is 2.05 m in the living areas.

Explore the world in panoramic vision

With its panoramic view, the Garcia Explocat 52 offers all the advantages of a catamaran aboard a no limit exploration yacht, made to sail among growlers as well as in the lagoons.

Welcome large crew on board

Various interior layouts are proposed, by association of two possibilities on the port hull and three ones on the starboard hull. This allows for 6 to 10 berths and in all cases offers a high level of comfort to the crew.

Main specifications:

  • Overall length: 55.61 ft
  • Beam: 26.90 ft
  • Draught: 4.92 ft
  • Air draught: 83.66 ft
  • Lightship displacement: 18.6 tons
  • Sail upwind: 167 sqm
  • Gennaker: 185 sqm
  • Engines: 2 x 60 HP
  • Fresh water: 174.4 US gal
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 155 US gal
  • Number of cabins: From 3 to 4
  • Number of berths: From 6 to 10
  • Heardoom: 2.05 m
  • Architect: Pierre Delion
  • Interior design: Darnet Design

by Garcia Yachts

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