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Warren Jones International Youth Regatta

Warren Jones International Youth Regatta

Warren Jones International Youth Regatta  Denmark’s Aschenbrenner takes lead

Danish skipper Joachim Aschenbrenner has taken over the top spot on the leader board after the second day of the Warren Jones International Youth Regatta, the young skipper from the Royal Danish Yacht Club ends the day with a score of thirteen wins from fifteen starts.
In second place with twelve points is local skipper Matt Jerwood, who was the overnight leader, and who lost his match against Aschenbrenner in controversial circumstances. An2015 Warren Jones Regattaother Perth skipper, Sam Gilmour, holds third place with ten points.
“We had a good day, everything worked out on the boat, the team are starting to work well together so that’s pretty good,” commented the amiable young Dane, who has travelled from Copenhagen on his own, and is using an entirely local crew, who he had never met before this week.
“We were struggling a bit in the beginning,” he confessed, “I think some of them haven’t done that much match racing, some have done a bit of match racing. So some people were coming from fleet racing boats, so we are getting it all together and getting into this discipline.”2015 Warren Jones Regatta
With a very flighty and fickle easterly breeze teasing the Swan River all morning, the patience and skills of both the competitors and the race committee were tested to the limit.
The regatta, which is being hosted by the Royal Perth Yacht Club, and run by Swan River Sailing, is sailed in Foundation 36 boats, which are larger than those usually used for youth regattas.
Stronger winds, of up to 25 knots are being forecast for the last two days of the event that finishes on Friday. Only Australian and New Zealand skippers have ever won this trophy in the past, so could the title go to the northern hemisphere for the first time?


1               Joachim Aschenbrenner                Royal Dansh YC                                13

2              Matt Jerwood                                   South of Perth Y.C.                       12

3              Sam Gilmour                                      Royal Freshwater Bay Y.C.          10

4=           Peter Holz                                           Chicago Match Racing Centre     8

4=           Chris Steele                                        Royal New Zealand Y.S.               8

6 =            Kohei Ichikawa                   Japan Sailing Federation                         7

6 =            Lachy Gilmour                    Royal Freshwater Bay YC                         7

8=           Jay Griffin                                            Cruising Y.C. of Australia           5

8=           Mark Lees                                           Royal Southern Y.C.                    5

10=         Sam Ellis                                               Cruising Y.C. of Australia          3

10=         Will Boulden                                       Royal Freshwater Bay Y.C.         3

12           Malcolm Parker                Royal Prince Alfred Y.C.                                1

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