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The time for equipment servicing is now, says Ocean Safety

“We have been experiencing a natural pause in our lives, with many of the activities we love placed on hold,” says Alistair Hackett, Managing Director of marine safety specialists, Ocean Safety.

“For many of us, life without sailing is unimaginable. Being out on the water gives us a sense of unrivalled freedom, the fresh sea air revitalises and restores our health, the unpredictable ebb and crash of the sea connects us to nature, and it’s this wonderful unpredictability that makes every voyage different.”



“Sailing and watersports are potentially re-emerging as permitted activities, but in recent weeks we have been given an opportunity to ensure that when life returns to normal, we are ready and waiting, adds Alistair. “There is no better time to give your safety equipment the attention it deserves. Servicing your equipment will keep you safe, and, most importantly, keep you looking forward to the day you can get out and enjoy sailing, and everything it offers.”

Watch the video for more servicing information, or visit Ocean Safety’s website to arrange a full service of your safety equipment.

by Marina Johnson

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