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Transat Jacques Vabre
St-Michel Virbac - 2015 Transat Jacques VabreTransat Jacques Vabre

Transat Jacques Vabre

Transat Jacques Vabre 2015– This morning, Jean-Pierre Dick and Fabien Delahaye contacted their team to report two structural ribs have broken in the front of the boat by the middle of the sail locker.

The duo aboard St-Michel Virbac are now routing towards Madeira (distance 250 miles) to assess the situation and make a decision whether or not to continue the Transat Jacques Vabre.

JP: ‘This morning, we had a big gust. The boat accelerated hard in a big sea. I went to the front of the boat and I found that two ribs were broken in the middle of the sail bin.

We can not continue and repair at sea as the wind does not die until later today. We will reach shelter in Madeira tomorrow. We will assess the situation there with our technical team. We will take the decision to repair and continue or stop only when we are there.

I’m really disappointed because from the start in Le Havre with Fabien, we really have strived to look after the boat and be very cautious.

 Transat Jacques Vabre 2015 – Following the breakage of a starboard spreader, Thibault Hector and Morgan Launay have secured their rig and decided to sail to Spain to make a repair.

Transat Jacques Vabre

Creno Moustache Solidaire – 2015 Transat Jacques Vabrestephane-maillard.com

In a sustained wind of 30-35 knots SW’ly and high sea, a stainless fitting broke but the crew was able to quickly change tack to save the rig. But as the wind is veering NW Creno Moustache-Solidaire will be able to make a course towards La Coruña and Vigo in the next hours. The duo expects to quickly repair to return to the course.

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