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Nemo submarine - photo © U-Boat Worx
Nemo submarine - photo © U-Boat Worx

U-Boat Worx presents the new Nemo submarine

U-Boat Worx is unveiling a new addition to its popular submarine range with its latest model in the lightweight luxury submersible market.

Following the successful development of the C-Researcher Series and Super Yacht Sub series, the submarine manufacturer is now offering a first glimpse of the new “NEMO”. This 2-seater lightweight submersible is currently in the final phase of production.

The ultra-modern design, sharp lines, hydrodynamic form and optimal power to weight ratio, combine to create an instant classic. The NEMO’s fine detailing – including transparent nosecones, octagonal thruster ducts, car-like stern, and a fully acrylic pressurised hull – create a submarine with personality and performance.

With a total weight of only 2,500 kilograms, the NEMO is the lightest manned submersible ever built. It stands only 155 centimeters high. With these key features, the NEMO is suited for a much wider audience. Given its low weight and size, the NEMO can be towed behind a car on a trailer for shoreside launching.

Nemo submarine © U-Boat Worx

Nemo submarine © U-Boat Worx

Nemo submarine © U-Boat Worx

The interior of the NEMO takes craftsmanship to new levels. Its contemporary design, with an emphasis on comfort and functionality, creates a stylish and relaxing environment for both the Pilot and those who prefer to be driven.

The experienced U-Boat Worx pilots were the center in the NEMO’s design. Everything was done to put the pilot central and make this the ultimate submarine to drive as a pilot. The result, a submarine that is ready to be owner driven.

U-Boat Worx provides training courses with the purchase of a NEMO submersible. The training consists of 12 days full-time training at our facility, Sub Center Curaçao (SCC). Here the owner will learn everything he or she needs to know to become a certified submersible operator. After they have completed the requisite training, they will be handed the keys to their own fully DNV-GL certified NEMO submersible.

The NEMO is currently the only production line submarine in the world. Most of our submarines are built-to-order. The NEMO will become available once market demand has been met. Consequently, this economy of scale enables us to price the NEMO sub at €975,000 (ex. VAT).

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