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Daily Archives: 20/06/2020

World’s first Clean Up Flotilla

World's first Clean Up Flotilla moves to Whitsundays © Ian Thomson

Originally we had planned to run the Clean Up Flotilla in Phuket, however current travel restrictions means we have moved this year’s Flotilla to the Whitsundays, where it all started for Ocean Crusaders. As a skipper in the Whistundays working with several companies, I had the unfortunate occurrence of pulling dead turtles out of the waters. This is what drives ...

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Sailing and swimming with Orcas

Humpback whale and Barba, Troms region 2016. © David Go

Google the name Andreas B. Heide, and what you’ll find is not your average run-of-the-mill guy. After all, how many people do you know who go free diving with Killer Whales; in the Arctic no less? Crazy as it sounds, this is exactly what Jeanneau owner, Andreas Heide does. Andenes, February 2020. – photo © Sophie Bolesworth Growing up close ...

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