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Daily Archives: 22/06/2020

Newport YC Shorthanded Races

2019 New England Solo/Twin Championships © Alyce Croasdale

Shorthanded events in Rhode Island on Narragansett Bay remain on schedule despite the COVID-19 environment, with the Offshore 160 (singlehanded) on July 10 and the New England Solo/Twin (singlehanded/doublehanded) on July 24. Held annually, the New England Solo/Twin has courses of ocean triangles from 60 to 103 nm which begin and end in Narragansett Bay. The race will vary in ...

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18 Footers League

Noakes Blue matches downwind speed against the experienced Smeg team ©Frank QuealeyNoakes Blue team makes a spinnaker run look easy in a North-East wind ©Frank QuealeyThe Kitchen Maker-Caesarstone skippered by Stevphen Quigley ©Frank QuealeySteve Quigley with the young The Kitchen Maker-Caesarstone team ©Frank QuealeyDavid Witt drives Applikancesonline hard off the wind ©Frank QuealeyAnother young team in 2019-20 was Birkenhead Point Marina ©Frank QuealeyNew Zealand's 18ft Skiff Racing Record: C-Tech skipper Alex Vallings has been a leading Kiwi contender for the past decade ©Frank QuealeyNew Zealand's 18ft Skiff Racing Record: Honda Marine on a two-sail reach across Sydney Harbour in 2019 ©Frank QuealeyNew Zealand's 18ft Skiff Racing Record: Honda Marine, spinnaker action in 2019 ©Frank QuealeyStephen Quigley's AEI-Pace Express gave Patrick Corrigan his outright JJ Giltinan World Championship victory in 1996 ©Frank QuealeyPace Express, skippered by David Witt in the early 1990s ©Frank QuealeySouthern Cross, joint champion in 1988 ©Frank QuealeyEmery Worldwide, skippered by twice world champion Howie Hamlin of the USA ©Frank Quealey1996 World Champion Stephen Quigley, seen here with his son Tom, is still heavily involved in the sport as an administrator, coach and parent ©Frank QuealeyThe Kulmar Family - Miles Furniture's spinnaker style ©Frank QuealeyThe Kulmar Family - Miles Furniture wins the start of a championship race in the 1974-75 Season ©Frank QuealeyThe Kulmar Family - Stephen Kulmar with the Giltinan Trophy after Miles Furniture victory in 1976 ©Frank QuealeyThe Kulmar Family - Miles Furniture, 1976 Giltinan champion, upwind on Sydney Harbour ©Frank QuealeyThe Kulmar Family - The winning Miles Furniture after the 1976 JJ victory ©Frank QuealeyThe Kitchen Maker-Caesarstone ©Frank Quealeytech2 ©Frank QuealeyTravelodge New Zealand won the 1974 JJ Giltinan championship ©Frank QuealeyVintec ©Frank QuealeyURM and The Oak Double Bay-4 Pines ©Frank QuealeyBirkenhead Point Marina ©Frank QuealeyRag and Famish Hotel ©Frank QuealeyBird and Bear ©Frank QuealeyShaw and Partners Financial Services ©Frank QuealeyIlve ©Frank QuealeySmeg ©Frank QuealeyFinport Finance ©Frank QuealeyDal Zotto ©Frank QuealeyNoake sailing ©Frank Quealeyappliancesonline.com.au ©Frank QuealeyAeroMedia team get as close to the action as possible to catch Winning Group on a flying spinnaker run ©Frank QuealeySmeg and tech2 are two of the top teams in the League fleet - JJ Giltinan Championship ©Frank QuealeyLee Knapton's 2016 JJ Giltinan Championship champion Smeg on a southerly spinnaker run ©Frank QuealeyNew sponsor URM's skiff in battle with The Oak Double Bay-4 Pines on Sydney Harbour during the JJ Giltinan Championship ©Frank QuealeyShaw and Partners Financial Services skiff improved over the season under the former Australian champion skipper James Dorron - JJ Giltinan Championship ©Frank QuealeySteve Quigley's 1996 JJ Giltinan World Champion AEI-Pace Express ©Frank QuealeyClose fleet racing during the 2019- Season - JJ Giltinan Championship ©Frank QuealeyLeague club President John Winning's 2000 JJ Giltinan Championship-winning AMP Centrepoint ©Frank QuealeyNew sponsor Bird and Bear scored a race win at the JJ Giltinan Championship ©Frank QuealeyBirkenhead Point Marina, one of the new sponsors attracted to the League 18s - JJ Giltinan Championship ©Frank QuealeyAeroMedia Live Broadcast video team during the JJ Giltinan Championship ©Frank QuealeyLegendry USA skipper Howie Hamlin won two JJ Giltinan Championships with this skiff in 2002 and 2003 ©Frank QuealeyNew Zealand's Honda Marine is the current Giltinan world champion ©Frank QuealeyDe'Longhi-Rabbitohs crew with sponsors wearing the famous South Sydney Rabbitohs Rugby League jersey ©Frank QuealeyFamous 'rabbit' logo of the South Sydney Rugby League team was well represented in the 18s just a few years ago ©Frank QuealeySouth Sydney Rabbitohs Squad with the JJ Giltinan Trophy ©Frank QuealeyNew Zealand's C-Tech on the spinnaker run into Rose Bay ©Frank Quealey

New 18ft Skiff teams wanted for 2020 – Apply Now The Australian 18 Footers League has long had a policy of introducing new and young teams into its fleet to ensure the continued growth and quality of the club’s 85-year-old tradition of 18ft Skiff Racing on Sydney Harbour. It comes as no surprise that the League’s administrators have launched an ...

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