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Gotland Runt 2024

High International and Female turnout for this year's Gotland Runt

The world’s largest annual offshore race, Gotland Runt, kicks off on Sunday, June 30th, in Sandhamn. After starting in central Stockholm in recent years, the race now makes an exciting return to Sandhamn, the sailing hub of the Stockholm archipelago, attracting both major and international boats.

Starting on Friday, over 200 sailboats will gather in the harbor at Sandhamn for Gotland Runt, one of the most prestigious offshore races in Europe.

This year’s lineup is particularly impressive with many international participants and a record number of women. Over 30% of the crews come from abroad and 146 female sailors will participate in this year’s race.

Gotland Runt 2024 – photo © Henrik Trygg

The participants range from leisure sailors to some of the top professional teams from Northern Europe. For some, it is a prestigious elite race; for others, a grand adventure and a “bucket list” item. A notable participant is Ravenger, a 175-foot (45 meters) boat, the largest ever to compete in Gotland Runt. Ravenger is one of the favourites to be the fastest around Gotland or even to break the course record.

The race starts on Sunday, June 30th, at 2:00 PM on Gråskärsfjärden, just south of Sandhamn. The more than 200 boats will then begin their sail around Gotland, finishing two to three days later in Sandhamn. The course stretches 350 nautical miles (645 km) and initially runs along the archipelago up to Svenska Högarna, then turns south towards Gotland.

Gotland Runt 2024 - photo © Henrik Trygg
Gotland Runt 2024 – photo © Daniel Stenholm

Gotland Runt is not just a sailing race but also a festival on land. On June 28th, the race village opens in Sandhamn, where visitors can see the competing boats up close as they complete their registration and safety checks. The area also offers restaurants, entertainment, and much more, all open to the public.

Welcome to Sandhamn to follow the race from the front row. There is also the opportunity to join a media boat during the start on June 30th, or during the warm-up race from Saltsjöbaden on June 28th to feel the pulse of the race.

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by Malin Tengström

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