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2018 Imperia Winter Regatta ©Andrea Lelli2018 Imperia Winter Regatta ©Andrea Lelli2018 Imperia Winter Regatta ©Andrea Lelli2018 Imperia Winter Regatta ©Andrea Lelli previous next
2018 Imperia Winter Regatta ©Andrea Lelli2018 Imperia Winter Regatta ©Andrea Lelli2018 Imperia Winter Regatta ©Andrea Lelli2018 Imperia Winter Regatta ©Andrea Lelli previous next

Imperia Winter Regatta 2018

From 5th to 9th December the Imperia Yacht Club, in collaboration with Assonautica Imperia, organized the 29th Imperia Winter Regatta 2018 the great international sailing event, which brought 120 crews from all over Europe (represented eight nations) to the provincial capital of western Liguria for classes 420 and 470.

To increase the prestige of this sporting event the inclusion of the event in the EUROSAF 420 Circuit 2018/2019, along with the other 6 stages located between Portugal, Greece, France and Germany.

On the four days scheduled only on the last day of Sunday it is not possible to race because of the wave formed and the absence of wind, but in the three days before the sailors could compete in various conditions with medium-strong and light winds, and with an insidious wave. Eight tests in all for the 470 fleet, five for the 420, class in which the Italian presence was much more conspicuous.

In the Olympic class 470 (which after Tokyo 2020 will become mixed crew as in the catamaran foil Nacra) foreign domination with the Germans Winkel-Cipra (18-1-1-1-2-2-1-4) first with 6 points of margin by the British Wrigley-Taylor; thirds Shvets-Matsuyev Ukrainians. Third place for the Germans Steidle-Honold. First females the German Dahnke-Winkel, absolute fifths. All females are the first of the Italians, with the eighth and ninth place of the bearers of the Velica Company of Barcola and Grignano Russo Cirillo-Linussi and Marchesini-Fedel (penalized by a disqualification from the start of the eighth and final round).

2018 Imperia Winter Regatta © Andrea Lelli

2018 Imperia Winter Regatta © Andrea Lelli

The classification of the 420 class (60 crews), both male / open and female, speaks decidedly more Italian: the Caldari brothers (CV Ravennate) have won clearly despite a disqualification in the last race and with 9 points of advantage have been imposed on the Bozzano -Casano (YCImperia) with a 4-2-7-ufd-4 as partial results; third parties the Germans Steidle-Honold; the first mixed crew in the same “Open” standings that of Giulia Sepe and Federico Romeo (Centro Velico 3 V), fourteenth overall victories in the women’s classification (26 crews in the race) with the Roman Frascari-Lanzetta (Centro Velico 3V, 8 -2-1-5-8) first on the French Leconte-Mariani.Also Italy in third place with the bearer of the club organizer Yacht Club Imperia, Oddone-Riano.

Important partners who believed in this event dedicated especially to young people (14/20 years) and that have increased their prestige: Marine Store, Balbi Nautica, Zaoli and TOIO, clothing for boating. Imperia has once again proved to be a reference for international sailing, ready to welcome sailors from all over the world with events of important technical value.

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