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New Y8 World premiere

World premiere of the new Y8 at Palma International Boat Show

We are proud to announce the world premiere of the new Y8, a groundbreaking model from YYachts, at the upcoming Palma International Boat Show. This isn’t just an addition to our collection; it’s a pioneering milestone in yacht design.

The creation of the Y8 is a collaborative blend, featuring a team of designers: a celebrated naval architect from Spain, a top product designer, and a Danish interior designer, working alongside our in-house experts. Their combined efforts have shaped the Y8 into a perfect example of style and practicality.

Central to the Y8’s design is YYachts’ commitment to maintaining and reducing weight, focusing on the essentials without compromising on elegance or functionality. The first hull of this new model redefines the concepts of luxury and simplicity.


The interior of the Y8 is a realm of spaciousness and luxurious, rivaling salons found on 90-foot yachts, and is influenced by the furniture industry’s design principles, featuring straight walls, and customizable, luxurious furnishings.

Guiding this grand interior is David Thulstrup, an acclaimed architect and designer known for his blend of Scandinavian elegance and contemporary style.

New Y8 - photo © YYachts
New Y8 – photo © YYachts

The new Y8 remains true to YYachts’ “Keep it simple” philosophy. Our Managing Director, Tijl Hetterschijt, emphasizes the balance of intuitive functionality and comfort, achieved through precise attention to detail and streamlined processes.

 New Y8 © YYachts

Furthermore, at Y Yachts, we leverage the extensive experience of our team, each member possessing a long history in yacht construction. This depth of knowledge is vital to our design and development processes, resulting in yachts that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also technologically advanced and reliable.

Our approach is deeply informed by the feedback from our esteemed clients. With a community of over 40 YYachts owners, we diligently incorporate their preferences and insights into our new models. This synergy between our team’s expertise and our clients’ perspectives continually drives innovation in our yacht designs.

Please mark your calendars for the worldwide debut of the new Y8 at the Palma International Boat Show, from April 25th to April 28th.


Length overall (LoA)
approx. 23.99 m (80 foot)

Length Waterline (LWL)
approx. 22.4 m

Draft (fixed keel)
approx. 4.80 m (optional 4.00 m / 3.50 m)

Draft (fixed keel)
approx. 2.80 – 4.30 m

approx. 6.6 m

Displacement (Light ship)
approx. 37.9 t

Ballast (fixed keel)
approx. 13.3 t

2x Nanni N4.115 SD, each 84.6 kW

Fuel Tank Capacity
ca. 1600 l

Fresh Water Tank Capacity
ca. 1000 l

Black Water Tank Capacity
ca. 250 l

Mainsail Area
approx. 179 m²

Self-tacking jib Area
approx. 146 m²

Code 0 Area
approx. 245 m²

Gennaker Area
approx. 517 m²

Naval Architects
Surge-Projects / Javier Jaudenes

YYachts Design Team / Francesca Modica

YYachts GmbH

More information at

by YYachts

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