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Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon


The 350-mile Ocean Race between Canada and France. Festival for the start in Halifax Waterfront and big celebration for the arrival in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. 9th edition in 2018, start on June 26.

A start in Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada for 350 miles towards the French Archipelago of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. Since 2002, every two years during the summer, Route Halifax Saint-Pierre is one of the most popular Offshore races on the North American East coast taking you until the waters of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. The Labrador Current mixing with the Gulf Stream as well as the fog and sun providing intense light reflecting in the sails create a unique atmosphere. It must be taken into account, vigilance is required.

ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre gathers a range of sailors from enthusiastic amateurs to professional racers who compete on true time or with a handicap classification. Open to Double handed or fully crewed mono-hulls so far, Route Halifax Saint-Pierre is a must event of the Offshore circuit, where boats come from Canada, Quebec, United States and Europe are meeting.

Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

20 tactical miles along the coast of Nova Scotia and after the last tip of Cape Breton, 233 nautical miles offshore where boats have to deal with the strong tidal currents of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

At this time of the year, the winds are generally southwest moderate and boats set quite often the spinnaker from the first buoy and drop it down in the famous Passe à Henry, north to Saint -Pierre. This race mark just before the arrival saw great navigators sailing into this passage famous for dismasting the schooners. From Tabarly, Kersauson and Riguidel, Cammas to Lamazou all have already slided into the waters of the Archipelago.

Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

On average, the fastest boats cross the finish line after 36 to 48 hours sailing, it can also take over to 60 hours to complete the race. Race record is set at 29 hours!

more info: routespm.com

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