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World ARC 2024-25

World ARC 2024-25 - A closely sailed start from Galapagos

World ARC 2024-25 Update – Galápagos: The sky couldn’t have been bluer, as 22 boats in the World ARC fleet departed Santa Cruz, Galápagos today, setting sail for the 3,000 nautical mile journey to Hiva Oa in French Polynesia.

This is the longest leg of the circumnavigation – and for many it will be the longest sail they’ve ever done, taking around 17 – 20 days to complete.

With light winds of 6kts, first across the line was Kaja, a Farr 50 PH, followed by Skyelark 2, an Oyster 62. Jostling for third place were Asante, Bahati and Fatjax, in a very closely run start.

World ARC 2024-25 © World Cruising Club

The rest of the fleet followed, as they departed the beautiful island of Santa Cruz, in a southwestly direction. They will need to pass through the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and the forecast is for fickle winds for the first day or two until the fleet reach the trade winds where they are predicted to have 15-20 kts south-easterly winds, which will give them a decent run to the Marquesas Islands.

World ARC 2024-25 - photo © World Cruising Club
World ARC 2024-25 – photo © World Cruising Club

Last night, the boat crews gathered at The Rock to celebrate their fantastic time in the Galapagos and to wish each other well on their way across the Pacific. Chatter was about first night passage meals that had been prepared in advance – with chicken and pasta still firm rally favourites. And there were also discussions on what they would do with their time at sea with reading, making jewellery and studying celestial navigation all in the planning.

World ARC 2024-25 - photo © World Cruising Club
World ARC 2024-25 – photo © World Cruising Club

Next stop for the rally will be the mountainous islands of the Marquesas in French Polynesia where, after checking-in at Hiva Oa, the fleet will enjoy free cruising time to explore the different islands before rendezvousing in Nuku Hiva at the end of March.

Two boats in the fleet remained behind at Santa Cruz for a little longer; Axonite will leave tomorrow and Less Traveled will stay in Galapagos a little longer, having only recently arrived.

by World Cruising Club

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