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IRC Rating 2024

IRC Rating open for 2024

Applications are open for 2024 IRC Rating and the IRC Rating Authority (RORC Rating Office and UNCL, Pôle Course du YCF) have already issued certificates to over 600 northern hemisphere boats for the new season with another 600 southern hemisphere boats currently enjoying great racing under IRC.

Rating certificates for IRC are not renewed automatically as owners are given the opportunity to declare any changes to their rated data before their certificate is issued, as well as supply any new information that may be required.

This year all owners must declare the maximum number of headsails they will carry on board while racing; this is a new input following the approval of the 2024 rule changes by IRC Congress. Advice regarding this rule, the sails to be declared and answers to related questions can be found on the IRC website.

Other changes to IRC for 2024 include updates to the rules around a single furling headsail, reduction in the minimum half width ratio for a flying headsail to 60% of the foot, updated mainsail width definitions to reflect the existing rule that the largest data from any mainsail must be on the certificate, and a requirement for sail measurement stickers for Endorsed certificates. Rating formulation development includes some minor changes to how rig configuration is rated.

The IRC website includes the full rule text and information on rule changes. The 2024 IRC rule applies from 1st January 2024 except in countries with June-May validity where the rule will apply from 1st June 2024.

IRC certificate application is straightforward, particularly for those revalidating a recent valid certificate. For boats racing in the UK the MyIRC application system is online here, while those racing elsewhere should contact their local IRC Rule Authority.

by RORC Rating Office

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