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SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 - photo © Neuza Aires Pereira
SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 - photo © Neuza Aires Pereira

SB20 World Championship 2021

Competition opened at the Cascais SB20 World Championship 2021, with the two races planned by the Clube Naval de Cascais for the first day of the World Championship event in one of the most competitive and growing sailing classes in Portugal.

From the beginning of the afternoon, when the warning signal was given for the first start of the day, and with the wind blowing from the west quadrant with 8-10 knots of intensity, the atmospheric conditions in Cascais were practically perfect for sailing, with the Race Committee sending the fleet to the much appreciated Guia Race Area.

SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 © Neuza Aires Pereira

In the event’s opening race, the first of the 66-boat fleet to cross the finish line was Flow, manned by representatives of the Russian Yacht Federation, and the Saint Petersburg Yach Club, with Daniil Banayan at the helm, accompanied by Grigoriy Vasinkevich, Aleksandr Profokev and Gaiane Konovalova. Second place belonged to Estonia Delight, commanded by Tonu Toniste, in the company of Toomas Toniste and Andres Viiseman, with the Estonian boat followed by Lucas Chatonier’s France Jeune – BIC, with Hyppolite Machetti, Michel Emeric and Kaurie Candela, wearing the colors of the Cercle Nautique Caledonian.

SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 - photo © Neuza Aires Pereira
SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 – photo © Neuza Aires Pereira

In the second race of the first day of competition at the Cascais SB20 World Championship 2021, victory smiled to Nils Razmilovic’s Glasgow Kiss, followed by David Salembier and Portuguese Pedro Andrade, CNC sailor, this time integrated in the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club formation. The second position went to inetum.^#PositiveDigitalFlow, with its crew composed entirely of sailors from the Clube Naval de Cascais, with Manuel Marques at the helm, accompanied by Hugo Mastbaum and Luís Queirós, while third place was taken by actiTime, by Arsen Chubarkov, with Dmitriy Tretiakov, Artem Sudakov and Andrei Akimenko.

At the end of the first day at the Cascais SB20 World Championship 2021, consistency paid off over race victories as far as the leaderboard was concerned. First place overall is occupied by actiTIME, by Arsen Chubarkov, with a fourth and a third place, followed by Inetum.^#PositiveDigitalFlow, by Manuel Marques, with an eighth and a second place, and by France Jeune – Lucas Chatonier’s BCI, third in the first race of the day, and tenth in the second.

SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 - photo © Neuza Aires Pereira
SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 – photo © Neuza Aires Pereira

Among the ladies, the highest ranked boat occupies 11th place overall and is the French team Shifter Pro Youth France. With Paola Amar at the helm, accompanied by Gabriel Skoczek, Marine Gauvrit and Timothe Lapaw, she got an 18th and 12th place, respectively, in the two races of the day.

After the first day of competition, Arsen Chubarkov was, of course, a satisfied man. With two Top 5 results, his start to the championship is of a high level: “We are extremely satisfied. First of all, it was a good day for us, even though it was only the first, and we still have a lot of racing to go. We faced an exceptionally strong fleet, and we hope that this will be a very challenging and competitive event for everyone who is here in the World Championship, so we hope to be able to give and show our best. But right now, there’s no doubt that we feel good to be at the front.”

SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 - photo © Neuza Aires Pereira
SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 – photo © Neuza Aires Pereira

Regarding the tactics and race course, the first leader of the Cascais SB20 World Championship 2021 revealed some prudence and restraint: “I would say that, as far as I can see, a bit of luck is also needed, and today we had the luck on our side. But at the same time, the position we occupy is the result of hard work by the whole team, we currently have a great team, in which I have a lot of confidence. We had good starts, and right from the start we defined the right manoeuvres and the tactics turned out to be right and everything went very well. But, once again, it should be noted that, on the race area, the battle was tough.”

The same register was adopted regarding the perspectives of an eventual final victory: “Win the championship? For now, I wouldn’t say so much. We will do our best. We are absolutely delighted to be sailing here. We love Cascais, we love the organization, we love what is done here. We hope to enjoy it down to the smallest detail throughout the championship, and in the end we’ll see how it went.”

SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 - photo © Neuza Aires Pereira
SB20 World Championship at Cascais day 1 – photo © Neuza Aires Pereira

The Cascais SB20 World Championship 2021 continues Tuesday with three more races scheduled, the first warning signal is schedule for 13:00. The event, which is attended by some of the top names in the SB20 class, both nationally and internationally, is organized by the Cascais Naval Club, which is sponsored by the Cascais Municipality, Turismo de Portugal, IPDJ, Portuguese Sailing Federation, Leitão & Irmão, Vista Alegre, Solyd, Sagres, Simões & Gaspar, Lusíadas Saúde, Clarins Men, Clarins and JCDecaux.

Results after Day 1:


Pos Bow No Boat Name Sail No Helm Crew Club R1 R2 Pts
1st 46 actiTIME RYF3709 Arsen Chubarkov Dmitriy Tretiakov/Artem Sudakov/Andrei Akimenko SPB YC 4 3 7
2nd 8 inetum.^ #PositiveDigitalFlow POR3616 Manuel Marques Hugo Mastbaum/Luis Queiros CNCascais 8 2 10
3rd 48 France Jeune ‑ BCI FRA3653 Chatonnier Lucas Machetti Hippolyte/Michel Emeric /Candella Laurie CNC/Cercle Nautique Caledonien 3 10 13
4th 53 Estonia Delight EST3803 Tonu Toniste Toomas Toniste/Andres Viisemann Estonia 2 13 15
5th 54 Gunter ESP3800 Javier Sherk Diogo Barros/Nuno Barreto RCNBarcelona/NYYC 11 4 15
6th 49 Glasgow Kiss SGP3750 Nils Razmilovic David Salembier/Pedro Andrade RHKYC 17 1 18
7th 7 OpenBar BRA3751 Henrique Haddad Mario Trindade/Leonardo Lombardi/Pedro Caldas CNCascais 10 8 18
8th 59 Comet/SpaceCobras RYF3805 Liza Zherebetsova Artem Basalkin/Andrey Klochko/Andrey Tukalov St Petersburg YC DGA 9 18
9th 1 Solyd Sailing Team POR3801 Vasco Serpa Joaquim Moreira/Pedro Costa Alemao CNCascais 13 7 20
10th 29 AP Hotels & Resorts POR3738 Jose Paulo Ramada Fausto Briosa Neves/Tomas Simonet/Miguel Leal de Faria CNCascais 7 19 26
11th 50 go with the flow BEL3762 Bart Tytgat Marc Braet/Kristof Woutters RNSYC 9 18 27
12th 68 Shifter Pro Youth France FRA3580 Amar Paola Gabriel Skoczek/Marine Gauvrit/Timothe Lapaw YCCannes 18 12 30
13th 3 Madeira Islands POR3734 John Tavares Bernardo Freitas/Paulo Manso ANMadeira 12 22 34
14th 62 Barco Chefe BRA3802 Victor Demaison Jorge Zariff/Gabriel Borges YC Rio Janeiro 30 5 35
15th 35 Naturea Sailing Team / Keep Clear POR3516 Bernardo Loureiro Guilherme Gomes/Manuel Fortunato/Mafalda Goncalves CNCascais 23 16 39
16th 28 Another Affair POR3723 Tiago Morais Miguel Oliveira/Francisco Oliveira CVAtlantico 16 24 40
17th 45 Naturea Sailing Team / Fitch POR3558 Mafalda Pires Lima Mariana Lobato/Francisco Maia/Matilde P de Melo CVAtlantico 20 21 41
18th 61 FLOW RYF3755 Banayan Daniil Vasinkevich Grigoriy/Prokofev Aleksandr/Konovalova Gaiane St.Petersburg 1 41 42
19th 64 SportsBoatWorld Racing GBR3469 Diogo Costa Liam Pardy/Francisco Uva/Tomas Barreto Royal Southern Yacht Club 31 11 42
20th 44 MST RYF3722 Vasily Grigoriev Maxim Kuzmin/Mikhail Markin Pirogovo 27 15 42
21st 70 Breaking Bod GBR3758 Charles Whelan Richard Mcadam/Chips Howarth Bough Beech SC 29 14 43
22nd 19 Guto POR3710 Pedro Nieto Pedro Garcia/Mariana Freitas/Fernando Kuo CVAtlantico 21 26 47
23rd 56 Vis sailing team RYF3707 Timur Sabirzianov Alexander Mikhailov/Joao Prieto Krestovsky 6 43 49
24th 75 SInBin POR3544 Martin Estlander Eduardo Marques/Phillip Kemp CNCascais 19 30 49
25th 20 HelloNext POR3581 Goncalo Pires Tomas Pires de Lima/Peter Kemp/Matilde Bandeira CNCascais 5 45 50
26th 18 Irmandade POR3206 Per Croner Goncalo Viera Lopes/Ekaterina Zubrilina/Manuel Macedo CNCascais 14 36 50
27th 42 3J’s NED3754 Jeroen van der Velden Jeroen Kop/Jan van der Meijden WSV Biesbosch/ RZV 47 6 53
28th 65 Dream team RYF3512 Shchukina Elena Igor Puzanov/Valentin Uvarkin /Marina Braginskaya Pirogovo 28 25 53
29th 51 Skin in the Game FRA3763 Edward Russo Gilles Favennec/Jonathan Lobert Club Nautique Valeriquais 33 23 56
30th 58 IC Wind RYF3712 Olga Dimitreva Olga Oreshnikova/Aleksei Frolov/Yan Chekh Russia 24 33 57
31st 22 Volta POR3506 Vasco Empis Bernardo Faria e Maia e Nuno Espirito Santo CNCascais 15 48 63
32nd 10 Giboia POR3286 Jose Goncalves Rui Boia/Martim Boia CNCascais 46 17 63
33rd 31 Metalfrio Solutions POR3578 Erwin Russel Gustavo Lima/Rodolfo Pires/Beatriz Gago CNCascais 26 37 63
34th 15 Bravo POR3652 Paulo Palha Andre Goncalves/Antonio Barros/Mariana Cunha CVAtlantico 32 35 67
35th 23 BICASCO POR3306 Luis Santos Antonio Santos/Pedro Vilela CVSado 38 31 69
36th 47 Ladies First / Naturea Sailing Team POR3114 Carolina Joao Federica Franchi/Joana Azevedo/Zezi Cardoso SADafundo 25 46 71
37th 72 Xcellent GBR3814 John Pollard Steven Procter/Rhos Hawes Royal Torbay YC 34 38 72
38th 66 ted IRL3809 Micheal O’Connor Davy Taylor/Ed Cook RSGYC 40 34 74
39th 76 LTX POR3427 Eduardo Cardoso Joao Santos/Ruben Luis CNCascais 48 28 76
40th 37 Youth Team Portugal ‑ Marisco na Praca POR3123 Henrique Brites Joao Bolina/Luis Pinheiro/Rafael Rodrigues CNCascais 22 55 77
41st 25 NACEX POR3438 Miguel Graca Diogo Pinto/Joao Ferreira CNCascais 42 39 81
42nd 34 TLEVEL.PT/Mergulhao II POR3256 Andre Gray Lourenco Mateus/Joao Tomas CNCascais 36 49 85
43rd 27 Quebramar POR3115 Rui Brites Pedro Costa/Patricia Bastos/Martim Fernandes CNCascais BFD 20 87
44th 71 ZOZH GBR3740 Irina Buzinova Marat Khairov/Nataliya Lyubimova/Nikita Plaksin Moscow 35 54 89
45th 24 Miudas POR3203 Margarida Aguiar Sofia Regojo/Ana Champalimaud/Maria Anjos CNCascais 37 53 90
46th 41 Sale Bete FRA3534 Xavier Moulin Francois Roques/Pierre Roques SN Narbonne 50 40 90
47th 2 Contrabandista POR3637 Patrick Lindley Luis Vasconcelos Dias/Pedro Simoes CNCascais 44 47 91
48th 32 GameChanger UKR 3633 Yulia Kyrpa Luke Patience/Pavlo Matsuyev/Semen Dmytrenko Kyiv Yacht Club BFD 27 94
49th 6 Vicky POR3092 Augusto Castelo Branco Jr. Augusto Castelo Branco/Salvador Fernandes/Joao Pires Jr. CNCascais 52 42 94
50th 21 Quinta dos Murcas POR3411 Diogo Correa Mendes Ana Costa Santos/Antonio Ornelas/Alexandre Casemiro CNCascais 43 51 94
51st 14 BBDouro POR3620 Francisca Barros Joao Cunha/Ricardo Schedel/Manuel Arriaga CWDS/CNCascais BFD 29 96
52nd 39 CPR NED3246 Pascal Bakker Christoffel Ravelman/Marinus Regoort RZV 39 59 98
53rd 9 Sargo POR3157 Goncalo Goncalves Jorge Lima/Jose Costa CNCascais BFD 32 99
54th 74 Old Spice POR3537 Filipe Aguilar Machado Tomas Pereira/Pedro Araujo CVAtlantico 41 63 104
55th 5 so fly POR3733 Peter Stratton Francisco Garcia/Bernardo Lencastre CNCascais 45 61 106
56th 52 TACKTONIC BEL3518 Nicolas Elleboudt Cedric De Bleye/Stefan Vanwynsberghe RNSYC OSTEND 51 58 109
57th 60 Knot on Call POR3111 Jose Mendes Joao Mendes/Filipe Quartin/Luisa Peres ANL/CVVC 53 57 110
58th 30 LUSIADAS POR3100 Vasco Antunes Pereira Miguel Guimaraes e Miguel Guimaraes Marques CNLisboa BFD 44 111
59th 17 Day off POR3651 Filipe Albino Francisco Calao/Antonio Vicente CNBB 49 62 111
60th 40 PBII GBR3149 Mark Gillett Paul Hine/Richard Anderton Frensham Pond BFD 50 117
61st 73 IRL3278 Fraser Brown Santiago Sampaio/Francisco Ferreira CNCascais BFD 52 119
62nd 33 Mike T SUI3169 Heinrich Guggenbuehl Caspar Guggenbuehl/Karim Abdoun SIMPL 54 66 120
63rd 36 Naturea Sailing Team / Young Guns POR3152 Sebastiao Caiado Ramirez Martim Mastbaum/Max de Groot/Zilas Dunke Nascimento CNCascais BFD 56 123
64th 4 Patris Finance POR3505 Vasco Passanha Nuno Bajanca/Joao Melo CNCascais BFD 60 127
65th 57 Kanimambo POR3083 Raul Bulhao Pato Michael del Vecchio/Nuno Espanha CNCascais BFD 64 131
66th 69 Ladybug FRA3576 Benoit Melen Laurent Beaurin/Manuel Vilarinho YCIF BFD 65 132

by Clube Naval de Cascais

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