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Spirit of Bermuda Charity Rally&Race

The Spirit of Bermuda Charity Rally, which starts Friday June 18, 2021 will lift the curtain on two years of cancelled races to Bermuda and allow long distance racers a chance to race to Bermuda and back.

St. Georges and the East End Mini Yacht Club are looking forward to welcoming you and the RHADC is open to guests in Hamilton, as well. Sign up at:

The Bermuda Rally is designed for racers who feel comfortable sailing to Bermuda and would like some company and some people to meet when they get there. The concept is more on the rally side. Crews can push hard or race more relaxed with less crew. The new SYRF Offshore Scoring system is based on how your boat sails to its predicted potential given the weather you experience, Therefore, we encourage you to think or rethink entering this rally, given the following.

  1. It’s more relaxed, less crew are required for this rally. Thus, if you lost crew due to the cancellation, you should still consider the fun of the adventure. For example, one skipper is sailing with 5 total on a 46 footer, with an average age of 67. For sure, they won’t (can’t) do as many sail changes as a much younger and fuller crew could. However, it’s still fun, Everyone is always busy and involved and, best of all, we’re out at sea. 
  2. You have the flexibility of starting the race to Bermuda and back when you like within a wide window. While it’s more fun to have the boats at least start together, this flexibility helps with logistics and timing of crew availability. 
  3. SYRF (Sailing Yacht Research Foundation) even has the ability to score boats that motor if there enough interest for it as we did last year.. 
  4. Stay in St. Georges or at the Dinghy Club or explore the island by boat. 
  5. Since almost all the entry fee, save the transponder cost, goes to a great charity, you’re helping youth sailing in Bermuda. 
  6. The course back is around Bermuda leaving it to starboard. Likely no one has ever done this. This is your chance.

Please consider or reconsider entering the Spirit of Bermuda Charity Rally. The operative word is fun.

Race to Bermuda June 18

For those of you who still want to get to Bermuda, the Spirit of Bermuda Charity Rally will be running its 2nd annual Rally/Race with innovative SYRF Offshore Scoring.

Start from New England or Chesapeake Bay Entrance

From 12nm offshore of MA/RI and Chesapeake Bay Entrance (simultaneously) to Bermuda, join us in Bermuda, if desired, and then race back to either finish line.

June 18, 2021 and restart June 27 from Bermuda back.

Start June 18, 2021 at 1500 EDT 12nm offshore. Spend the week in Bermuda and start back whenever you want in the asynchronous race using SYRF’s Offshore Scoring system.

Register at

by Sailing Yacht Research Foundation

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