World ARC 2017-18 © World Cruising Club
World ARC 2017-18 © World Cruising Club

World ARC

After crossing the equator, the World ARC Fleet have now arrived in Puerto Baquerizo, San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands.

On arrival crews had to be checked in with various authorities and customs and immigration whilst at anchor before they had permission to take a water taxi ashore to explore the beauty that the Island has to offer.

Many of the crews have already commented how pleasant the town and bay are. There is a very nicely landscaped ‘Malecon’ (the high street) which follows the water. On the seaward side one can see the sea lions and iguanas on the sand and rocks and on the other side almost all the shops and services which the town has to offer. Those crews who have been in Puerto Baquerizo a bit longer have also managed to explore a bit further inland as well – it’s possible to take a taxi ride to visit the ‘Highlands’ where giant tortoises can be seen grazing and other local wildlife.

This morning the first World ARC tour departed for the fleet to enjoy the iconic Kicker Rock or Léon Dormido. It’s a spectacular pair of igneous extrusions which rise near vertically from the sea bottom and tower more than 150m above sea level. A drift snorkel with the current through the impressive gap of Kicker Rock got crews up close and personal to the Galapagos sea life!

After the excitement of Kicker Rock, the boats motored back to Puerto Baquerizo via a secluded beach where people had the chance to walk ashore and relax before returning to welcome the new arrivals into the anchorage over a cold drink at the nightly rendezvous.

Once the crews have had time to appreciate what San Cristobal has to offer they will visit two other islands in the Galapagos to complete the Darwinian experience.

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